Creative Circle: Steve Straw + Garry Dean

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Creative Circle: Steve Straw + Garry Dean

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Steve Straw (above left) and Garry Dean (right).


Steve Straw
Senior Writer
303 MullenLowe
WA: Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen some of WA’s best work through the CB Awards. So it’s been a tough time for other work to stand out when award contenders are getting all the love. Congrats to all the winners BTW. Amongst it all, there were a few pieces of work that made an impression. But I only get to pick one. And the one that gets the nod from me is the radio campaign for the Australian Small Business Advisory Services program. I particularly enjoyed the Nephew spot, so that’s my pick, but the Neighbour and Nan spots were easy fits to complete the campaign. We will miss the late Holly Jones.


Non-WA: This work for KFC is fun. Launched in OOH and pushed through twitter, it uses other brand slogans to drive conversation around KFC. It’s not taking itself too seriously. There’s a touch of braveness in each execution and I’m sure Londoners will be enjoying it.


Creative Circle: Steve Straw + Garry Dean Creative Circle: Steve Straw + Garry Dean Creative Circle: Steve Straw + Garry Dean

Garry Dean
Group Manager, Creative Services
NOVA Entertainment
WA: Bloody good spot … has me contemplating donating. Hearing 5½ litres poured out is visceral theatre-of-the-mind. ‘Spot the difference’ demands listener participation and demonstrates a logical argument.

Who said audio isn’t visual and interactive!


Non-WA: I gobbled up these “Ugly, but good for you” parody songs for Steggles Turkey by M&C Saatchi.

Listeners seek music & comedy … so combine both and you’re onto a winner winner chicken turkey dinner.

Sharp lyrics and fun composition unashamedly embracing multiple genres. Somehow they (seem to) get away with referencing the ‘live animal’ in ‘meat product’ advertising.

Even caught my vegetarian son bopping along.


Creative Circle: Steve Straw + Garry Dean