Creative Circle: Chris Andrawes + Joseph Dennis

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Creative Circle: Chris Andrawes + Joseph Dennis

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Chris Andrawes (above left) and Joseph Dennis (right).


Chris Andrawes
Head of Digital Art
WA: I’m going to use my brief moment in the sun to promote the work of some of the people who I think have been the most greatly affected by COVID in WA. I was fortunate enough to go to the Curtin Design School Grad show at the tail end of last year and was absolutely blown away by the quality of work, seriously people, hire these students! (….no seriously stop reading this and go hire them).

To not be a complete cop-out, I have selected several students whose work stood out to me as being as worthy of being promoted on this blog as any other work.

First up Harrison Fellows, brilliant illustration, and this dude can make games (like real fully playable finished 3D games, as a student!)! Kirsty Heiner makes some amazing hand drawn animations and Jess Brown with some industry quality awesome web design and CX strategy.

All three and several more will be future leaders in our industry, you saw it here first, let me know if you’d like to contact any of them.


Creative Circle: Chris Andrawes + Joseph Dennis

Non-WA: Internationally is much harder! But I scrolled back through my YouTube history to see if there were any ads that I had voluntarily watched in the last couple of months and this Boston Dynamics promo video was in there multiple times.

I think anyone who can make a piece of content that people can’t take their eyes off of is doing something right (I even sent this to people). Yes it helps that they have Skynet robots, but this clearly also took a really long time to make and they’ve realised that their product was already really interesting so they only needed to show it in action.

Thanks for the nightmares.


Creative Circle: Chris Andrawes + Joseph Dennis

Joseph Dennis
WA: Really love the Winter Nights 2020 campaign by Terms of Service. It’s a great creative piece of work from the art direction and the photography, to the way The Blue Room adapted its offerings and changed the formats of its shows.

It uses playful illustrations, intimate photography and bold typography to create a campaign that feels youthful, fresh, chaotic, homemade and very ‘Blue Room’.

For me, it’s a great example of a brand adjusting to the restrictions of the pandemic with a positive energy and clear message – we are champions of creative experimentation. And the fact they’ve been doing things differently for years, means that ‘different’ for the Blue Room feels exactly as it’s supposed to feel.


Creative Circle: Chris Andrawes + Joseph Dennis

Non WA: In another example of a brand adapting to the restrictions of the pandemic, the 100% online awards show for D&AD Festival is a stand out for me. Titled ‘Imagine Everything’, I like how it uses the line to acknowledge the difficulties of the time by imagining being there, while placing the focus on the greatest thing we can do as creative people – to imagine. They take full advantage of the digital medium, utilising the full features of the variable typeface to create an ever-moving identity built on great motion design.

I love the weird shapes that the type makes, the dynamic arrangements and way it combines with the visuals of the work. And I love how they used socials to enhance the awards ceremony, designing AR filters for award winners to be able to virtually receive their awards. It’s playful, visually striking, beautifully designed, fun to engage with and the annual is free!


Creative Circle: Chris Andrawes + Joseph Dennis