Creative Circle: Anneliese Sullivan + Oli Nicholson

Creative Circle: Anneliese Sullivan + Oli Nicholson

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Anneliese Sullivan (above left) and, AWARD school national and WA winner, Oli Nicholson (right).



Anneliese Sullivan
The Brand Agency
WA: I came to this one a little late to the party after seeing his new video for Spacey Jane’s Booster Seat last month, but I was pretty taken with Matt Sav’s work for the Australian Medical Association’s Dr YES. Dr YES run education sessions with WA youth on mental and sexual health, as well as alcohol and drugs.

The short piece on seeking help with mental health after high school captures Caleb Harper’s (of Spacey Jane) vulnerability and strength in a way that oozes cool and is sure to resonate with its teenage and young adult audience.

And, as to be expected of any Matt Sav/Lewis Potts production, the lighting and colour rules. Check it out.


Creative Circle: Anneliese Sullivan + Oli Nicholson

Non-WA: Considering November feels like both yesterday and a year ago, I’m hoping this ad counts as recent.

The Gate’s ‘Nobody is Normal’ for Childline in the UK hits all the right marks.

The look and feel is charming and just edgy enough to appeal to kids of all ages (including this inner child), the stop-motion animation is excellent, and — in a move I certainly didn’t see coming — Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ proves to be the perfect soundtrack for a children’s charity ad.

Plus, as far as short and sweet taglines go, “Nobody is normal” is as good as it gets. Superb stuff.


Creative Circle: Anneliese Sullivan + Oli Nicholson

Oli Nicholson
Junior Copywriter
The Monkeys Melbourne
WA: Okay, so this clever piece of experiential work made me slow my scroll and scoff out loud (and then get immediately jealous). If that’s not a sign of great creative than I don’t know what is? This social distance-enabling Christmas cracker for the West Australian Ballet by Wunderman Thompson pokes fun at the year gone by, whilst remaining effective and more importantly, festive AF. Loved it.

Creative Circle: Anneliese Sullivan + Oli Nicholson

Non-WA: Speaking of poking fun at 2020, and similarly also being a smart rehash of recognisable product design, Rethink Canada’s Chill Starters for Coors Light is just so simply brilliant and smile-inducing. There’s something very cathartic about burning things (incense, calories, bras) so burning the news of 2020 seems like an obvious solution to soothingly let go of the old year. The product’s message ties in with the beer nice and neatly, plus it reinforces the fact that America *does* really need to chill right now.

Happy New Year everyone!


Creative Circle: Anneliese Sullivan + Oli Nicholson