Creative Circle: Maurice Melchers + Wilora Keeley

Creative Circle: Maurice Melchers + Wilora Keeley

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Maurice Melchers (above left) and Wilora Keeley (right).


Maurice Melchers
Lead Creative Developer
WA: I picked the radio spot ‘Jim’ for Western Power. Listen to it here and also its counterpart here.

Wearing your headphones or earbuds is obligatory when listening to this spot. You’ll find that out in the first 2 sentence.

I like that it plays with the medium and immerses you in the story being told.

Also check out the TVC campaign from back here.

Creative Circle: Maurice Melchers + Wilora Keeley

Non-WA: Of course I had to pick something from my home country. So I went with this digital execution by Mediamonks for Dutch airline company KLM.

Try to set aside your landlocked Covid-19 frame of mind, and imagine a time of leisure and travel. You swipe along your Facebook feed and… Hark! A dynamic AR experience triggered from a Facebook ad. A campaign that lets you discover stunning destinations from the comfort of your phone. With a single tap, the ad unfolds a virtual travelator which transports you to majestic landmarks in Taipei, Edmonton or Stavanger. And after landing you’ll be encouraged to explore the area in full 360°.

After enticing you with fun facts and local information about the destination, you’ll of course still be nudged to buy a ticket to said destination.

The original insight was that people tend to stick to familiar travel destinations rather than trying out something new. So KLM wanted people to try some other destinations through innovative content.


Creative Circle: Maurice Melchers + Wilora Keeley

Wilora Keeley
Senior Creative
Wunderman Thompson
WA: A good ad doesn’t have to be the most ground-breaking; it can be an ad that succinctly gets its message across to its audience in a memorable and relatable way. And, that’s exactly what 303 MullenLowe’s campaign does. It uses a simple visual device and easy-to-understand language that speaks to ALL mothers.

The creatives involved should be proud. I have no doubt that ad will get mothers to think twice about drinking during pregnancy. Can’t wait to see the stats.


Creative Circle: Maurice Melchers + Wilora Keeley

Non-WA: I totally dug Sargento Pizza’s World’s Slowest Delivery by Ogilvy Chicago. It’s a simple idea that’s executed well. The world seems so bleak right now, and it was such an easy, enjoyable watch. It demonstrated that its Reserved Series cheeses needed time to mature, so if you wanted the pizza, you needed to wait for their cheese to age.

The slowest pizza delivery service, quickly sold out. But, the PR lived on.


Oh, and this bad boy definitely deserves a mention – Blackboard: Just for awards.

Creative Circle: Maurice Melchers + Wilora Keeley