Western Power and Wunderman Thompson continue to Make the Safe Call with the latest extension of their electrical safety campaign

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Continuing on from the success of Western Power’s safety campaign earlier this year, Wunderman Thompson’s latest work for Western Power introduces us to a very realistic electrical mishap featuring a new, and rather unfortunate, character Jan.


The campaign is based off the recent ‘Western Australia’s Storm of the Decade’, where up to 80% of electricity outages were caused by wind-borne debris flying into powerlines. This included items ranging from sheds, to trampolines.

The ‘Make the Safe Call’ Winter campaign continues to bring an observational humour to a serious topic and help the public understand Western Power’s role in keeping the people of Western Australia safe and connected to the grid.

Wilora Keeley and Tim Newton, Wunderman Thompson creatives behind the campaign, said: “We loved working on a campaign, and with a client, that challenges category norms. We worked with some very talented people to bring this to life and we’ve been itching to get the whole campaign out there”.

The campaign extensions are live on TV this week, with digital and social mediums to follow.

Western Power
Brand and Customer Communications Manager: Jill Goodwin
Senior Brand and Marketing Specialist: Bathsheba Fordyce
Senior Brand and Marketing Specialist: Paul Farina

Wunderman Thompson
Creative Director: Joe Hawkins
Senior Creative: Tim Newton
Senior Creative: Wilora Keeley
Art Director: David Donald
Graphic Designer: Cameron Jones
Senior Front-end Developer: Michel Kimkongrath
Senior Integrated Producer: Katherine Muir
Integrated Producer: Chloe Marshall
Senior Digital Producer: Danelle Barugh
Studio Producer: Sarah Parsons
Senior Producer: Gabriel Hammond
Chief Strategy Officer: Angela Morris
Partner: Doni Savvides
Account Manager: Anais Randall

Production Company: Sandbox
Director: Richard Vilensky
Producer: Jasmine Leivers
Executive Producer: Jenny Crabb
Editor/music composition: Robert Woods
VFX: Tony Bannan
Grade and Online: Jaemie Manners
Sound Studio: Soundbyte
Sound Engineer: Brad Habib