Creative Circle: Jess Marshall + Adam Rule

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Creative Circle: Jess Marshall + Adam Rule

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Jess Marshall (above left) and Adam Rule (right).


Jess Marshall
I really like Rare’s recent Bedshed campaign, it’s a simple yet sincere look into how a bedroom is so much than just a place to sleep. It taps into what it means to a whole range of people; for a kid it’s anything you want it to be – a dance floor, a land overrun with dinosaurs, as a teen it’s your escape, as a family it’s everything from the quiet goodnights to the loud early mornings. I’ve found myself watching it back, focusing on different people each time, because there are so many incredibly sweet, candid moments that capture that happiness and sense of ease that comes from the many types of moments we experience in the comfort of our own room.

And I can’t get over how adorable the little ballerina is!


Creative Circle: Jess Marshall + Adam Rule

I keep seeing Toyota’s ad, Upstream, and I had to write about it. Visually, it’s stunning. Every time it pops up on my screen I can’t help but watch it all the way through. And the story is heart-warming and uplifting and the kind of narrative that really resonates.

It tells the story of one of the most decorated swimmers in Olympic and Paralympic history, Jessica Long, and how she was adopted as a child, had to have her legs amputated and went on to become an extraordinary athlete.

Stories of adoption are incredibly close to my heart and I love to see such a beautiful ad sharing the journey of a woman who has battled against the odds to achieve greatness. It also highlights the great potential and the need for featuring people with disability in advertising more and how much further the industry has to go in representing people with disabilities beyond the Paralympics.


Creative Circle: Jess Marshall + Adam Rule

Adam Rule
Head of Creative
Rhythm Content
WA: In truth I was tempted to ‘do a Mylesy’ and spruik one of our own spots here but let’s face it, the Flying Scot was on the money with this locally produced and beautifully crafted TVC from Gatecrasher…and not just because Allan shot it.

The simple internal monologue birthed from a real conversation during the R&D phase is one we can all relate to. Perhaps I just resonated with this idea because my Yeah voice usually outmuscles my Nah voice and I need to give Nah some more ammunition. Whatever the reason was, I enjoyed the great writing from Adam Barker. And Richard Vilensky is one of the few directors in town that can blend comedic and serious tones in a short space of time.

Excellent work by all involved.


Creative Circle: Jess Marshall + Adam Rule

Non-WA: I was tempted to go with one of the superbowl ads here but aside from my wife and I laughing at flat McConaughey getting a coffee there wasn’t much that moved the needle for me. Instead I will go with this minimalist print ad from The “Cities” campaign, created by the Commonwealth//McCann of McCann Worldgroup Mexico in January. I’m a simple guy who loves honesty, so just give me the facts please. This caught my eye because it is matter of fact and clean.

The challenge of breaking the misconception that electric cars will likely leave you stranded somewhere would have been made a lot easier when presented with these overwhelming numbers.

No need to overcook strategy or extensive creative think tanks here, just present the truth of the situation in an elegant way. What I loved the most about this ad was the restraint shown in the execution by the creatives.

I particularly like the strong CTA within the lockup which is clearly targeted at the people of Mexico City but let’s face it, despite what Will Farrell says (see superbowl ad for GM), this line also works for Chevrolet given the fact that they currently only have one all-electric car on the market!

Regardless, this ad got me thinking and that’s what matters.


Creative Circle: Jess Marshall + Adam Rule