Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar

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Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Stephen Hansen (above left) and Dav Tabeshfar (right).


Stephen Hansen
303 MullenLowe Perth
Art Director
WA: I’m excited we’ve reached a point now in digital art where artists can start to experiment with styles and techniques without needing a Pixar workstation to pull it off. I’m excited because it means we can break free from the CG tropes of the early days and start to revive some of the lost arts of animation in a digital space. Case in point is the work Gesture Systems have done recently for Rusty’s ‘Our Kind of Pants’ campaign. It instantly sent me back to watching claymation shows like Gogs after school but with its own digital spin on the technique. Plus that ripping track made me want to dust off the PS1.

Deep 90s nostalgia aside, I also think it’s interesting that during the customer journey for this campaign, you’re only seeing the actual pants on the website. Nice to have some retail ads that don’t throw everything at you from the outset.



Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar

International: I hate summer. I hate sticky shirts, I hate thermonuclear steering wheels and I hate the side eyes I get when I wear shorts into the office. What I love, is seeing someone take a seemingly simple brief and manage to do something interesting with it. At face value this Half Million spot is just exaggerating the heat of summer, but knowing how far to push it brought to life how I feel every time the mercury starts to rise. Plus that line at the end is red hot.


Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar


Dav Tabeshfar
Executive Creative Director
WA: Glad Tuff Stuff – SYD/LAX by Tareen Winter

I didn’t do AWARD School. My graduate portfolio was full of dick-jokes, puns and dick-puns. I kept working on it for five years after leaving uni and it still wasn’t as good as any of this year’s AWARD School Graduate portfolios. My favourite piece was this quietly cocky little poster by Tareen Winter. I love the simple image and the complex story it conjures. If it ran and was nicely crafted, it would undoubtably pick-up metal somewhere.

Creative Circle: Stephen Hansen + Dav Tabeshfar

International: Telstra – This is Footy Country by The Monkeys

Me and number-two-child watched the extended Telstra Country Footy film three times in a row. Now he’s wandering around the house impersonating the protagonist (“Forfeit my arse!”). It’s a gorgeous little film that’s as watchable as the programming it will interrupt. What’s particularly impressive is how Telstra gets out of the way and lets the story win. Now I hate Telstra a little less. A little.