Creative Circle: Henry Billington + Matt Wilson

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Creative Circle: Henry Billington + Matt Wilson

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Henry Billington (above left) and Matt Wilson (right).


Henry Billington
Senior Art Director

WA: Block’s new branding for ‘Perth is OK’.
The new branding for ‘Perth is OK’ really stands out for me. I really like the nicely crafted look of the exclamation mark that links all the amazing things ‘Perth is OK’ showcases. The cropping is very engaging and holds the images and videos together so well.


Creative Circle: Henry Billington + Matt Wilson

International: PSA. Fighting Talk.
This really caught my attention; a striking visual display representing idea of a war of words. As the words are spoken the other person gets impacted, without either even throwing a punch, showing abusive language can affect people more than you think. Haven’t seen anything like this and it’s done so well.


Creative Circle: Henry Billington + Matt Wilson


Matt Wilson
Creative Partner
WA: My local pick is UnInfluencers by MediaHub and 303.

Paying influencers to switch off and not influence, and in turn enjoy all that Esperance and the region has on offer is a nice thought.

An antidote to the always-on city life. Esperance’s distance from major cities – and average internet – suddenly became a strength and a chance to disconnect from it all.

As intended, people then talked about the influencers not talking about it, and then after that, the influencers talked about it.

Plus, the Esperance Shire President is an ad campaign waiting to happen.


Creative Circle: Henry Billington + Matt Wilson

International: IKEA: Proudly Second Best a collaboration between Al-Futtaim IKEA, DAVID Madrid, and INGO Hamburg.

The beauty of this campaign is in its simplicity. It’s a single-minded creative thought.

Each spot is just 15-seconds, there’s no voice over, and the only soundscape is a little white noise.

They even manage to open with the product onscreen *Media Agency and Brand Trackers all rejoice.

The underlying message is hard to miss. No product can surpass the significance of a parent in a child’s life.


Creative Circle: Henry Billington + Matt Wilson