Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna

Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna

Campaign Brief asks two creative thinkers from the Perth industry to highlight recent great work that caught their eye from both our local WA industry and internationally. Creative Circle contributors this week are Zosia Kilpatrick (above left) and Gaby Hanna (right).


Zosia Kilpatrick
303 MullenLowe
Senior Copywriter
WA: I have a crush. Which nearly turned into a crash when I first drove past the Bonfire Billboard and read the traffic-stopping – or should I say starting – one-liner ‘Once we lost a client and never found them again’.

We all know it. Sitting on the Acton Belle building above Hay and Thomas St. It’s been there so long it’s become an important part of Subiaco’s cultural fabric. Many of us have even come to rely on this billboard for a moment of light-relief whilst we’re stuck in heavy traffic.

It delivers simple, mostly insightful one-liners about what this digital marketer does, through a very un-digital medium. I think it’s a pretty great use of that once boring block – no offense Acton Belle – and hope it sticks around for years to come just like Bonfire’s clients on a Google search ranking…

Current and past billboards.

Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna

International: I honestly couldn’t find an international ad in the last two months that spoke to me. I looked. And looked. And looked. But found nothing. And I’ve made this promise to myself that I wouldn’t promote anything – outside of work – that I didn’t truly love. Yes, I’m in love with a billboard. Also, with this oldish international ad that I decided I’d talk about instead.

Leroy Merlin’s Life’s an Adventure.

Like Walle, this ad’s core reason for being is to ‘find the beauty’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about I recommend also checking out Andrew Stanton’s Ted Talk, The clues to a great story.

From the stunning soundtrack to the visuals, it does such a great job of touching us, the viewer, on a surprisingly deep level…for a hardware store anyway. And showing us, in a slightly heightened, hot-actor-kind-of-way, what it means to be human. To love, to fight, to grow and just, to live.

Moment of truth, I often play this ad just to feel something. Maybe that’s weird. Or maybe that’s just good advertising.

Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna

Gaby Hanna
The Brand Agency
WA: My self-appointed theme for Creative Circle is simple yet effective. And this print ad from Wunderman Thompson does exactly that.

I can just imagine the birth of this idea happening live in a room. I hope words like “GENIUS” and “I FEEL OOEY AND GOOEY” got tossed around. Because my thoughts exactly. Beautiful craft. Beautiful words to complete it.

Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna

International: This ad from Mischief is a good reminder of how much impact a lil ol’ 15” second ad can make. Instead of throwing money at whatever celebrity is so-hot-right-now for the Superbowl, this streaming service decided to keep it simple. And we (presumably others that are reading this) love simple!

This is how I think the idea generation went down:

Superbowl = entertainment
Streaming service = entertainment
Playing a prank on the viewer = the ULTIMATE entertainment


Creative Circle: Zosia Kilpatrick + Gaby Hanna