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As well as organising a fundraising event with DGPR for Kai-Fella, Trilogy recognised the importance of getting the story of Kai-Fella’s critical mission out to as many people as possible.


Without hesitation Chris Eyres of SBS, and Antonell Doyle and Lisa Thom of Nova 93.7 offered to do just that, with each enthusiastically committing a significant amount of free airtime. This necessitated a campaign concept and production of a television commercial and radio commercial for a nominal, or no, charge.

Trilogy’s Ryan Vergone not only created the concept, but also undertook all the components of visual production, including comprehensive and complex animations. The featured Kai-Fella boy and his environments were all meticulously created and illustrated by Pippa Scheepers.

Adding power to the visual components, Andrew Tinning’s purpose-created poem and script combines very real poignancy with positivity and hope, which resonates through Liam Graham’s emotional and authentic voice-over delivery.

Sound recording and mixing for the television and radio commercials was volunteered by the inimitable Tim Count of MDS.

“Working on this campaign was challenging and emotionally confronting” said Trilogy Director Jo Bulline, “but Nita [Davey] and I proudly committed to it, and we had an amazing team to work with including personal guidance from Claire Eardley, Dan Sweet, Laura Ainsworth and Rhett Corker.

Thanks to Nova and SBS it can be seen and heard, and we really, really hope it works. We hope it ultimately results in more of our boys realising there are options. And we ask our colleagues and fellow parents to take a few minutes to make a donation at”