Tourism WA crowned Campaign Brief Advertiser of the Year at the Gala Oasis Ball

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For Tourism WA, the journey towards the 2023 Campaign Brief Advertiser of the Year Award began in December of 2021. It was then that this advertiser put its confidence in the Western Australian industry to develop, create and launch a new global brand platform in a post pandemic world. A long-term global brand idea designed to make Western Australia the most desirable destination choice for domestic and international high yield travellers. This year’s finalists for this prestigious client award were Plico Energy, Public Transport Authority and Synergy. Special thanks to SCA for their continued support of this award.


Tourism WA crowned Campaign Brief Advertiser of the Year at the Gala Oasis Ball

This was a bold objective, the success of which was critically important to the reinvigoration of the Western Australian tourism economy and associated economic benefits. For such an important job, Tourism WA did not feel the need to look to the east. They had confidence in the local WA industry and committed to it.

Tourism WA are prepared to make bold yet considered decisions based on consumer insight, data and communication best practice. Accordingly, a strategic decision was made when briefing The Brand Agency and Initiative, to focus on what Western Australia stands for and who they are targeting.

Tourism WA used consumer research and insights from an extensive industry consultation process to focus all campaign communication efforts on just four hero destinations: The Kimberley, Ningaloo Reef, Margaret River Region, and Perth. In previous branding and campaign efforts over the last 20+ years, this strategic focus was missing and resulted in the development of creative platforms that were broad-brush and lacked nuance. With focus now given to four hero destinations at the brand awareness layer, they could derive ways to capture what is distinctive about Western Australia at a more customer-centric, emotional level. A less generic and more effective approach than historical attempts at being all things to all people. A bold decision.

The confident and bold mindset adopted by Tourism WA was infectious and served to push its agencies to deliver creative and media outcomes to match. At the heart of this team mantra was the ethos of ‘outsmarting vs outspending.’ The global tourism category is one of the most competitive in the world, with numerous mega brands with mega budgets. Tourism WA would never be able to match the financial clout or global brand awareness of such competitors. So how did Tourism WA address this challenge? They were bold with their approach, leveraged emotion to connect, leant into the brands distinctive assets and were consistent and single-minded.

These simple, yet powerful principles are expressed in the following outcomes.


Tourism WA crowned Campaign Brief Advertiser of the Year at the Gala Oasis Ball

Working in partnership with Empire of the Sun to reimagine their global smash hit, Walking On A Dream. This required bringing the band back together specifically for this project as Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore had not worked together for many years prior. The result went on to be an ARIA Finalists in the inaugural best use of an Australian recording in an advertisement.

A 60 second brand film at the heart of the launch strategy, yet still only featuring four hero destinations, allowing four shorter length films to showcase each hero destination on their own. A demonstration of single-mindedness and a commitment to the strategy.

A loyalty to the recommended creative strategy to feature the unique and unexpected and leverage it consistently throughout the world. For example, a floating Whaleshark at Ningaloo.

The launch of Walking On A Dream throughout key global markets with high-impact 3D Digital Outdoor. This bold strategy kicked off in Times Square, New York City as part of New Year’s Eve festivities. They then showcased Western Australia’s iconic Ningaloo Whaleshark on London’s Piccadilly Lights 3D digital outdoor screen. The iconic floating Whaleshark has since featured across 3D digital outdoor screens in Singapore, Japan and soon to be China.

Since the new brand launch in September 2022, annual visitor spend in Western Australia increased by around 36 per cent from $12.27 billion to $17.7 billion in December 2023. Overnight visitors have also grown, with figures increasing from 10.5 million to 10.9 million over the 16-month period.

Tourism WA has never been awarded Campaign Brief Advertiser of the Year. But in 2022/23, they worked with local WA agencies to deliver its biggest, and arguably most important global brand strategy and campaign in its history. Work that has been noticed all over the world and has helped deliver a 35 per cent uplift in visitor spend up to December 2023. It’s even given WA an ARIA nomination!

And in April 2024, against local and national competition they appointed The Brand Agency as their sole strategy and creative services partner on a five-year contract.

This award has been sponsored by SCA since Campaign Brief introduced it in 1990. Office of Road Safety and Lotterywest/Lotteries Commission are three time past winners. Previous two-time winners include RAC, IKEA and Bankwest/R&I Bank.



Tourism WA crowned Campaign Brief Advertiser of the Year at the Gala Oasis Ball