The Brand Agency launches new initiative allowing staff to work remotely

The Brand Agency launches new initiative allowing staff to work remotely

In a further step to provide best in market benefits to its team members, The Brand Agency has launched a new remote work initiative.


The initiative is available to all the agency’s team members and allows them to work for The Brand Agency, remotely from overseas or interstate for up to four weeks at any given time.

Natalie Pearson, Group HR Manager, said: “As most organisations did, when the pandemic first hit, we introduced a flexible working policy across our three offices, with team members working from home, in the office or a combination of both. This way of working will stay with us forever and has been a change for good, both for the team, our creativity as an agency and the productivity of our business.”

“The introduction of our remote work initiative is the natural next step to provide team members with even more flexibility in their lives. Ultimately our people want to travel for extended periods, or they simply need to live in different parts of the world for various reasons. We see it as our responsibility to facilitate this. Already we have people working overseas for the foreseeable future and other team members have booked extended leave in Italy, Singapore, Spain and in the UK to see family and travel, whilst continuing to work from those countries for the agency. This is great for them and for The Brand Agency as well.”

Image caption: Brand Agency Designer Emma Lilliman, currently working from the Kimberley.