Rare’s Callum Mackenzie joins the Advertising Council Australia board

Rare’s Callum Mackenzie joins the Advertising Council Australia board

Callum Mackenzie, Managing Director of Rare, has been appointed to the board of Advertising Council Australia (ACA), succeeding from Gavin Bain, National Consulting Director at VML.


His role spans a four-year term and is pivotal in addressing the unique perspectives and challenges faced in Australia’s largest regional market.

ACA Chairman Mark Green, Accenture Song ANZ President and Group CEO & Co-Founder The Monkeys, said: “Callum is a passionate and experienced figure in the WA advertising industry, and his extensive knowledge, experience, and independent agency viewpoint make him a valuable asset to the already impressive lineup of ACA board members.

“We welcome him and look forward to working together to support Western Australia’s thriving advertising industry.”

Mackenzie was awarded the 2019 Campaign Brief WA Advertising Person of the Year Award and led his business to become the 2021 CBWA Agency of the Year.

He acknowledges the substantial support and many years of guidance provided by Bain to the industry in navigating the intricacies of the local market and supporting fellow local ACA members.

Mackenzie said: “As a new board member, I look forward to working with Advertising Council Australia WA State Manager Melissa Vella to deliver stronger member engagement and foster prosperity and diversity in the WA industry.

“We’ll achieve this through greater collaboration for our members across our industry including educational institutes, marketers and clients, state government, media partners and suppliers.

“WA has amazing industry talent with extremely diverse skills. We operate in a unique geographic location and this has fostered many success stories for individuals and businesses over the years.

“I look forward to working with some brilliant WA member agencies and our industry partners to add value to the WA and national ACA agenda via our focused and committed involvement.”