Made in the Pile relaunches as MITP Agency

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Made in the Pile relaunches as MITP Agency

Made In The Pile has rebranded and relaunched as MITP as the creative digital specialists mature and find their place in the adworld mix.


Originally derived from the digital media channel Pilerats, Made in the Pile was the spin-off team handling bespoke content and campaign requirements for select clients that aligned with the Pilerats brand.

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Alex Paioff, said Pilerats, as a music media brand, has amassed some of the largest social media followings in the Australian Music space.

“The original idea was to offer brands a way to connect with our media channel’s audience” said Paioff. “Over the years the demand for our services increased and we started applying our knowledge of social media and content to help brands find and connect with their true fans, not just ours.”

With the global pandemic slowing the pace of business, the group saw an opportunity to step off the treadmill and re-evaluate everything, from purpose to processes.

“We decided pretty early into lockdowns that if the business survived the pandemic it had to come back better than before, that thought processes really motivated us and the team to act and make changes,” said Paioff. “We reorganised the group into divisions focused on redesigning our workflow and efficiencies, on our external comms and self-promotion and others dedicated to ensuring when things started up we could deliver even better results and experiences for our partners.”

Fraser Johnson, Co-Founder and Creative Director, said the timing for a name and identity evolution felt right.

“We evolved from primarily servicing the event and hospitality industry to working with larger corporates, retail brands and e-commerce businesses. Social media marketing is still in the early adoption phase for businesses, some still haven’t applied spend on these channels. After some awards success over the last year or so, it felt right to reposition the agency in time for the expected growth in spend on these channels.”

“The logo itself is derived from MITP’s collaborative approach, depicting two people meeting over a table to discuss ideas, whether it be intra-agency, inter-agency or MITP and its partners,” Johnson said. “The five shapes of the logo represent the five main divisions of MITP (Social, Video, Augmented Reality, Design, Web), all working in harmony to produce a unified whole, which is the way we like to work – holistically.”

Patrick Ball, the agency’s lead designer on the project said the rebrand was designed to show what MITP Agency is capable of when a considered approach to design is applied to omni-channel communications.

“We’ve come up with a dynamic brand identity that is built for modern media, not adapted for it. A lot of consideration has gone into how it will be applied across both digital and traditional channels, delivering the flexibility needed for a modern brand.”

“Whilst this has been a long process, it’s been an immensely rewarding one. Being given the reins to rebrand our agency comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure, but I’m really proud of the outcome and the thought that has gone into it.”

With the recent introduction of Life-saver Days (LSDs) and the promise of more announcements soon, the partners said MITP Agency is sprinting towards the future and shaking up traditional agency models.