Made In The Pile introduces LSD for a happier, healthier work environment

Made In The Pile introduces LSD for a happier, healthier work environment

With growing awareness of the importance of good mental health, Made In The Pile [MITP] has introduced Life Saver Days as a first step towards building a healthier work environment and a better ‘new normal’ for staff.


Alex Paioff, the Agency’s Managing Director and Co-Founder said the Life Saver Days program, or ‘LSD’, allows the team to take two days of paid leave every month on top of their existing leave allowance.

Most people can relate to the pressures of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and the stress that can arise when things start slipping. Paioff said the program was designed to give staff the opportunity to prioritise their personal life so they can be their best self at home and at work.

“The idea had been sitting on the goals list for a few years but the lessons of COVID-19 allowed us the space to think it through and the courage to take the step and implement. We are only at the starting point but early indicators are actually showing a boost in overall productivity and output.”

Fraser Johnson, the agency’s Creative Director and Co-Founder noted “Happier staff are more productive staff, but it’s also so much more than that to us. A happy team nurtures and promotes the healthy, positive work culture that we all want to return to each day, and we’ve always felt our culture is our main strength here at MITP.”

Johnson said staff welfare is a core focus for MITP. The organisation prides itself on being open with communication and completely transparent with the team and their partners.

“Life admin days are few and far between but the MITP team have truly embraced the deserved luxury by investing their time with family, doing their taxes, repairing their tech, taking appointments, and even getting away from the city to relax for a long weekend.”

Hayden Davies, Media editor, said the Life Saver Days – as the name suggests – have been life-saving.

“It’s been great having an extra day to do life admin and self-care tasks like getting your hair done or getting a health check-up without having to worry about cramming it in post-5PM with every other suited businessperson in the city. And, in the off chance there’s none of that life admin stuff to do, it’s a great day to relax and take your frustrations off work and onto other things, like online multiplayer video games or tax.”

Operations & Finance Manager Andrew Williams said “LSD gives me time back to focus on my mental health and all those important life admin tasks that are often impossible to fit in during the normal 9-5 work week. Having to not worry about that stuff when I come into work makes the whole week much easier and gives a greater sense of work life harmony. Work can be stressful and having a workplace that not only acknowledges that but also does something about it really means the world to me.”

Dave Gardiner, MITP Head of Copy, said LSDs were introduced at the perfect time.

“They allowed me to take various appointments, perform much needed life admin and enjoy time with my family without worrying about external pressures. It’s had an amazing effect on the office so far.”

Business Development Officer James Versluis said “Having an LSD day gives me a chance to just relax, feel completely okay with doing nothing, and do things that are important to me. These days off are invaluable in giving me space to think creatively, allow for me to sort my life out, and come back to work feeling energized. Most people can’t believe that my workplace understands there is more to their staff than the amount of hours they spend at their desk.”

“For me, the Life Saver Day is all about cooking food and not think about anything else,” said Creative Lead Calle Bolmgren. “The kitchen is place where I get to be in total control of things and it’s a great way to reset my brain for an upcoming work day. My latest Life Saver Day was dedicated to Matty Matheson’s Butter Fried Cabbage recipe, which I highly recommend.”