Youngbloods and ACA’s ‘Thanks For Asking: Women In Adland Edition’ event

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Youngbloods and ACA’s ‘Thanks For Asking: Women In Adland Edition’ event

The advertising industry in Perth experienced a groundbreaking event as YOUNGBLOODS and ACA joined forces to present ‘Thanks for Asking: Women in Adland Edition.’ Sponsored by Sneakers & Jeans and 3D HR Legal, this event was not just a gathering but a transformative experience aimed at fostering open communication, building meaningful connections, and amplifying the voices of women in the advertising industry.


The ‘Women in Adland Edition’ took place on Wednesday, 29 November, at ARARA and Tupí, Perth. Attendees enjoyed an evening filled with insightful discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and a chance to gain unique perspectives from female leaders in the advertising field.

One of the key features of the event was the “Deep Dive Q&A” session, providing attendees with an exclusive opportunity to submit their most pressing questions anonymously. This unique format created a safe space for industry professionals to seek advice on challenges and concerns they may not feel comfortable discussing elsewhere.

These questions were posed by Melissa Vella (ACA State Manager) to the distinguished panel which included:
– Jo Bulline: Director, Trilogy Advertising & Marketing
– Rikki Burns: Head of Creative, Marketforce
– Taryn Payne: Head of Business Management, 303 MullenLowe Perth
– Tess Palmyre: Founder, Brandable

These accomplished women represented a diverse range of experiences and expertise within the advertising industry, sharing their journeys, insights, and challenges. From co-owning independent agencies to leading creative teams and advocating for diversity and inclusion, these panellists brought a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Following the panel discussion, Vella engaged in a fireside chat with Jo Alilovic, Director of 3D HR Legal, an accomplished employment lawyer, author, business owner, and podcast host. Alilovic provided expert insights, addressing legal aspects of the advertising industry and offering guidance on navigating workplace challenges.

Simon Mullins, co-chair of Youngbloods, said: “We had an idea of what we wanted this event to be, but the result blew us away. Thank you to the panelists for their vulnerability, generosity and openness, as well as our amazing sponsors and attendees for making it possible.”

Women in Adland are encouraged to join the Facebook Group “Ladies of Advertising Businesses and Industry Associates” which was started by Anneliese Sullivan and Rikki Burns some years ago, as a way to kickstart a forum for more ongoing sharing and support.

Youngbloods and ACA’s ‘Thanks For Asking: Women In Adland Edition’ event