With a little help from Diddy, Uber tells the world about Uber One in new Super Bowl commercial via Special U.S. and Australia

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Returning to the Super Bowl stage for the third year, Uber has launched its latest campaign ‘One Hit For Uber One’ via Special US + Australia.


Uber launched its membership program in November 2021 and has seen the strong value and significant savings that it offers to members. In addition to discounts on Uber rides, Uber Eats food delivery, and grocery orders, members receive special perks, exclusive invites and unique offers. In fact, membership pays for itself after just two orders on Uber Eats making Uber One a must-have membership.

And while millions of people across the world reap the benefits of Uber One each day, Uber realized that it still had some work to do to get the word out about its membership program. So, Uber tapped into the ultimate memory hack and the one thing that really sticks in everyone’s minds: music. If Uber could come up with one hit song for Uber One, it would all click.

Uber knew exactly who could help — someone who knows the industry inside and out. A titan of the music world. An absolute mogul. Enter: Sean “Diddy” Combs. As one of the most notable music producers who has unrivaled success as a hitmaker, Diddy was Uber’s guy. From there, Uber assembled a choir of musical darlings responsible for some of the catchiest songs to ever exist and the ones you can’t get out of your head. From iconic lyrics to captivating beats, one hit was bound to be made by Montell Jordan, Kelis, Donna Lewis, Ylvis and Haddaway.

Brand: Uber Vice president, global marketing: David Mogensen
Global executive creative director: Danielle Hawley
Head of marketing, North America: Georgie Jeffreys
Global creative director: Ecole Weinstein
Marketing manager II: Liza Keller
Social & digital marketing lead: Kaitlyn Mendoza
Sr marketing manager: Meredith Savatsky
Brand media lead: Gracie Childress
Brand media manager: Keith Shattuck
Research and insights lead: Dana LaMendola

Agency: Special US
Partner / CEO: Cade Heyde
Partner / Executive creative directors: Dave Horton, Matthew Woodhams-Roberts
Partner / Chief strategy officer: Kelsey Hodgkin
Creative director: Phil Fattore
Associate creative director: Alyssa Cavanaugh
Executive producers: Amanda Weiss, Felix Messina
Producers: Luke Franek, Chloe Seitz
Head of strategy: Kelsey Karson
Strategy director: Janet Shih
General manager: Dom Dalton
Account directors: Lindsay Friedgood, Bella Timar
Head of business affairs: LaTanya Ware
Business affairs lead: Keli Christy

Partner agency: Special Australia
Partners / CCOs: Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber

Production company: Biscuit
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Partner/Managing director: Shawn Lacy
Head of production: Sean Moody
Executive producer: Holly Vega
Producer: Andrew Travelstead
Production supervisor: Ryan Bishop
Edit: Exile
Editors: Jacob Schulsinger, Katie Turinski, Nate Gross
Assistant editors: Eliza Kanter, Jonathan Rogers
Head of production Michael Miller
Executive producer Jennifer Locke
Managing partner: CL Kumpata
Senior producer: Brian Schimpf
Associate producer: Dylan Majerus
Color: Trafik
Colorist: Dimitri Zola
Executive producer: Meghan Lang Bice
Producer: Julia King
VFX: Pariah
Head of production: Michael Steinman
Producer: Andrew Rosenberger
Music: Walker
Owner/Managing director: Sara Matarazzo
Senior producer: Danielle Soury
Sound design & mix: Eleven Sound
Sound designer & mixer: Jordan Meltzer
Executive producer: Melissa Brewer
Producer & assistant mixer: Andrew Smith