Wildlings partners with 26 community organisations to create ‘Understand My Voice’ – a message more than 45,000 years in the making


To support the YES campaign on a Voice to Parliament for First Nations people, WILDLINGS have partnered with Western Australian Council of Social Service, Anglicare WA, Reconciliation WA and 23 other community service organisations to create a series of radio ads recorded by First Nations people in First Nations languages.


Each radio spot is spoken entirely in a First Nations language, except for the tag – “SEARCH THE VOICE – WACOSS”

The corresponding video has been recorded by the same First Nations person but spoken in English.

Mark Glasson, CEO of Anglicare WA and President of WACOSS, said: “It’s very likely listeners may not have understood what was being said, but we’re encouraging everyone to try. This whole referendum is about listening and hearing one another. We’re hoping to remind Australian’s that this voice is more than 45,000 years in the making, and for much of the past 250-years, it’s been muted.

Cait Wilson, Client Partner at Wildlings, said: “We’re strong YES advocates here at Wildlings and immediately said YES to offering our services in support. That’s the beauty of being an Independent WA agency. This campaign only came together with lots of generosity from the local industry here in WA – with help coming from Mentor Marketing, Soundbyte, Jackson Heeley Productions, RAZ Rentals, So Perth, Nova and 96fm.

The campaign launched this week across metro and regional radio stations, on digital radio and on Spotify.

Wardandi and Bibulmen Nation