Western Power continues to Power our Lives with new campaign via Wunderman Thompson


Western Power and Wunderman Thompson have launched the second chapter in the ‘Powering our Lives’ campaign, continuing to raise awareness of the vital role the South West Interconnected Network plays in Western Australia’s changing energy landscape.


This second chapter focuses on community batteries, one of the innovative projects Western Power is undertaking to connect renewable energy and ensure the long-term sustainability of the network for customers.

Western Power’s Head of Stakeholder and Communications, Sam Torrens, says: “the campaign demonstrates the significant inroads we’re making in transforming the south-west grid by using new technology to enable renewable energy solutions for the community now and in the future.”

Joe Hawkins, Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson, says “Chapter Two. It’s a bit like the tricky ‘second album’. You want to create something that capitalises on the goodwill of the first, but feels different and fresh enough to reward the public all over again. Plus, there was a lot to cover in this – from acknowledging perceptions, to raising awareness, educating and demonstrating the role of Western Power in the energy innovation space. Richard Vilensky embraced these challenges with a simple yet sophisticated treatment, giving us the perfect vehicle to tell the story in a modern and elegant way.”

The TV component of the campaign is currently running on broadcast and catch-up channels, online and social.

Western Power
Brand and Customer Communications Manager: Jill Goodwin
Senior Brand and Marketing Specialist: Liz Fotiou

Wunderman Thompson
Creative Director: Joe Hawkins
National Chief Strategy Officer: Angela Morris
Creative: Joe Hawkins Creative: Dustin De Souza
Senior Integrated Producer: Katherine Muir
Partner: Doni Savvides
Engagement Lead: Kelsey Fraser
Engagement Manager: Anais Randall

Production Company: Sandbox
Director: Richard Vilensky
Producer: Jasmine Leivers
Executive Producer: Jenny Crabb
Production Coordinator: Lauren McDonough
Production Assistant: Dumi Mashinini
DOP: Tim Fitzgerald
Editor: Denzil Heeger
Colourist: Jaemie Manners
VFX: Tony Bannan, Matthew Kerley
Sound Design: Brad Habib, Soundbyte
Music Composition: Song Zu
Casting Agent: Megan Carpenter (Toe Sox Productions)