Water Corporation launches Climate Change Water Awareness campaign via The Brand Agency

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This week sees the launch of The Brand Agency’s latest Water Corporation campaign educating Western Australians on the threats posed by climate change and the significant impact it has had on our State’s water supply.


The Brand Agency team worked closely with Water Corporation key stakeholders to develop the communication and engagement strategy; to raise awareness of the impact climate change has had in relation to our water supply and develop understanding about the need to adapt our behaviour on both a societal and individual level.

In the first of three phases, the creative introduces a simple metaphor for visualising our water supply: the humble tap. Using a closed pump system to ensure every drop of water was recycled, the tap’s flow begins strong but becomes weaker and weaker over the duration of the spot – a stark reminder of how much our rainfall and stream flow has changed over time.

Lachy Banton, Copywriter, The Brand Agency said “Water is always available at the twist of a tap – regardless of how much or little flows into our dams. Perhaps if we could see the impact climate change has had on our water supply whenever we reach for the tap, we’d be more mindful of how and when we use it.”

Evan Murie, Senior Account Director, The Brand Agency said “Climate change has drastically affected our natural water supply over the past few decades. It is great to see what Water Corporation undertakes in order to give us fresh, clean water throughout our State and the efforts we all must embrace to maintain a healthy water supply for future generations”.

The campaign launches with TV, BVOD, radio, OOH, press & digital throughout October and November.

Water Corporation launches Climate Change Water Awareness campaign via The Brand Agency

Water Corporation
Peta Maddock – Head of Customer Strategy & Engagement
Rachel Ivey – Manager of Marketing & Customer Education
Lisa Westcott – Lead Marketing Customer Strategy & Engagement
Courtenay Pearce – Senior Advisor Marketing Customer Strategy & Engagement   

The Brand Agency, Perth
Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Head of Art: Nathan Teoh
Copywriter: Lachy Banton
Art Director: Niall Stephen
Strategy: Hannah Muirhead
Account Management: Brendon Lewis, Evan Murie, Sandra De Witt
Media: Angela Naaykens, Tom Trefry, Sherridan Fuentes

Production Company: King Street
Executive Producer: Katie Trew
Producer: Rozanne Fretz
Director: Paul Komadina
Post-Production: Sandbox
Audio: Soundbyte Studios