WA’s OKeeffe Media joins with four leading representation companies to form MediaLogic

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WA’s OKeeffe Media joins with four leading representation companies to form MediaLogic

Five media representation companies across Australia – including Okeeffe Media in WA – have joined forces with their wealth of experience and networks to form MediaLogic.


The aim is to redefine media sales with a fully national sales network that will provide media companies streamlined benefits and economies of scale.

MediaLogic is headed up by experienced Media Directors in each state who offer, on average, over twenty years of experience each in the media space. This amplifies the ability to fulfil sales needs for media companies across any media channel, by state, by Agency and Direct.

“MediaLogic is a collaboration between five successful Australian media companies focussed on representing a range of media outlets,” said Director Jamie O’Keeffe. “The synergies in using local companies include a strong understanding of the local market and long-established media relationships. While MediaLogic has been developed over the last twelve months, the move to market has been accelerated by the permanent changes C19 brings to the marketplace. Media Logic’s clear objective is providing media companies with solutions to the new challenges in zero staff counts and increasing pressures to maximise profitability.”

“With the pressure to increase profit in a shifting marketplace, media companies have been reducing staffing levels which not only reduces the amount of sales people providing high quality business partnerships for their clients but it puts an enormous amount of pressure for those that remain, with increased budgets, more clients to work with whilst finding the time to bring new clients on board. We want to partner with these media companies to help get the balance right.”

“The amazing team that have joined our national network have continued to be at the forefront of new and amplified ways to represent companies in all markets of Australia.”

See medialogic.com.au for more information.