WA BILLBOARDS: We Have Social Distancing Nailed

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WA BILLBOARDS: We Have Social Distancing Nailed

WA Billboards Sales & Marketing Manager Chelsea Reilly explains how they are implementing some changes to assist local agencies and clients as they adjust to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Out of Home Industry has undeniably seen a drop in audience as people work from home or curtail travel plans. Public transport in particular has suffered with users down by an estimated 60% according to ABC reporter Gian De Poloni, and traffic counts down by up to 50% as stated by Main Roads WA.

However major highways still carry significant traffic loads, especially on work days as people opt out of public transport and move back to the safety of self-driving.

We have also seen an increase in cycling and e-scooter activity as people combine self-isolating and travel.

Brand Presence
Many people in our community are facing an uncertain future as COVID-19 disrupts lives like no other event in living memory. History tells us consumers turn to trusted brands in times of crisis for quality of product and familiarity.

We are receiving feedback that clients want more flexibility around campaign costs, timings, campaign duration and production lead times to enable short-life, relevant messages to run.

Whilst digital billboard options can offer that, some clients still want to have 100% share of voice that only a static site can deliver.

Our Solution
WA Billboards have looked at how we can deliver more flexibility to our clients and are now able to be able to offer:
• Production and installation of material onto key Metro Supersites within 48 to 72 hours from receipt of creative,
• The ability to book sites on major highways in weekly blocks, and
• Media rates adjusted to compensate for reduced traffic numbers.

WA Billboards are ready to help our WA clients through these times so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help, advice or just want to bounce ideas around.