VML and Rip Curl conclude the Rip Curl Virtual Pro Season 2, presented by Western Australia

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First launched in 2023, the Rip Curl Virtual Pro is a global virtual surf competition that uses data from Rip Curl’s Search GPS watch to allow individual surfers to compete with each other – just like the pros. During a 10-day period, if users logged a surf on their watch, the data was analysed and scored by a unique algorithm based on five key criteria: distance paddled, surf time, total waves surfed, top speed, longest wave and the number of surfs – culminating in a final score. 2023’s inaugural Rip Curl Virtual Pro winner was primary school teacher Nick Cashin.


This year’s competition, which took place 25-30 May, was presented by Western Australia. Surfers from around the world were asked to surf with their GPS watch for the chance to win the only global virtual surf competition, with surfers from 34 countries taking part. This year’s winner will be announced soon and can expect a dream surf trip with three mates to Western Australia’s Margaret River as the major prize.

Says Jake Barrow, ECD, VML Sydney and Melbourne: “We noticed a disconnect with how data was used from the Rip Curl Search GPS watch and came up with the Virtual Pro as a way to enhance our customers surfing experience. When we first launched the Virtual Pro, we didn’t realise just how successful and enduring it would become. We now have brand partners eager to become sponsors of a surfing event that is essentially made up of a bunch of 1s and 0s. That’s the power of data when it’s combined with insightful creativity.”

Since the original 2023 launch, the campaign has already picked up multiple accolades at both Spikes Asia and D&AD and is now an annual fixture on the surfing competition calendar.

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VML and Rip Curl conclude the Rip Curl Virtual Pro Season 2, presented by Western Australia