VenuesWest launches “Just Add Venue” high performance sport campaign

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VenuesWest understands that the training and competition environment plays an essential role in achieving sporting excellence and provides specialised venues optimised for High Performance Sport. This is shown in their “The Just Add Venue” campaign, directed and produced by Luna Laure with concept from Laure and MITP Agency.


As part of the VenuesWest High Performance Sport Strategy, the number of targeted sports supported by VenuesWest is continuously reviewed and ideally increased. Support comes in the form of increased subsidies, priority of venue use and capital investment.

By end of 2022/23, VenuesWest met international, national, and state competition and training standards for 100% of their targeted sports.

The new campaign demonstrates the importance of athletes having access to the right venue, and that the premium facilities VenuesWest offer provides athletes with the ultimate setting to grow their sporting abilities.

VenuesWest has previously teamed up with Luna on brand campaigns such as Dream Bigger. This time, VenuesWest was open to exploring a more playful narrative than before, inspired by the athletes in their Brand Ambassador program and welcomed in-venue every day.

The VenuesWest team has had the privilege of engaging with high-performance athletes and hearing their stories first-hand. These athletes bring with them captivating personalities influenced by their unique journeys, challenges, and achievements required to excel in their sport. These themes were capture perfectly with a playful creative campaign, equal parts quirky and inspirational.

The campaign proudly features Western Australian athletes, including current and former brand ambassadors, who have trained and competed at the VenuesWest facilities over their careers.

Featured Athletes:
• Robyn Lambird, (they/them), Paralympian (Wheelchair Racing) and former VenuesWest brand ambassador
• Gen Hart, (she/her), Rower and current VenuesWest brand ambassador
• Maddie Lawson, (she/her), National Pole Vaulter
• David Bryant, (he/him), Para Triathlete and former VenuesWest brand ambassador
• Ben Wright, (he/him), Paralympic Powerlifter
• Darcee Garbin, (she/her), Basketballer and former VenuesWest brand ambassador
• Isla Carr, (she/her), Track Cyclist
• Joshua Yong, (he/him), National Swimmer

Directed & Produced by Luna Laure
Creative concept by MITP Agency & Luna Laure
Creative Director – Fraser Johnson
Senior Creative – Calle Bolmgren
Cinematography by Dave Le May
AC: Tavian Ord
Prod. Assist/Legend: Kaleb Woodward
Gaffer/Grip: Michael Titter
Best Boy: Matt O’Sullivan
Stills and Assist. Director: Gina Isabel
Props: Josie Nolan
Edit: Luna Laure & Liam Ozdemir
Colourist: Caitlan O’Connor @ Siamese
Title design & Animation: Hotline Bling
Sound design: Tom Allum @ Barking Wolf
Featuring Athletes:
Josh Yong, Maddie Lawson, Ben Wheely Isla Carr, Genevieve Hart, Darcee Garbin, David Bryant, Robyn Lambird
Featuring Actors:
Kam Oulu, Michelle Griffiths, John P, Darcy Maishman
Thanks to: Jess Parker, Location Equipment, Kenny Ruellot

VenuesWest launches “Just Add Venue” high performance sport campaign VenuesWest launches “Just Add Venue” high performance sport campaign