Vale Tristan Berentzen: Memorial service this Saturday, August 8

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Vale Tristan Berentzen: Memorial service this Saturday, August 8

Well-known marketer and Chairman of ADMA in WA, Tristan Berentzen tragically passed away last month. ZAC Creative director Troy Zafer wrote this tribute to his close friend.


It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform the industry that Tristan Berentzen tragically passed away in a surfing accident at Leighton Beach on Thursday July 9th.

Many in the industry will know Tristan either for his roles at RAC and Synergy, or as the Chair of ADMA WA since September 2013 during which time he oversaw a large increase in event attendance, sponsor engagement and brand awareness, all while increasing the level of professionalism for an entirely voluntary role.

Many of the people who knew Tristan speak of his immense professionalism and being a great mentor and support to ADMA committee members over the years, which he did with a great sense of humour. Tristan was really passionate about his career with a zest for life and his profession, and greatly influential and respected among his colleagues. He was a well-known face across the Perth business community, admired and respected by all.

Erica Haddon, Tristan’s former boss at RAC commented: ‘Tristan came to RAC to explore potential opportunities in the energy space. As part of the small strategic innovation team he brought a passion for sustainability, professionalism and a great work ethic. His personal style made him friends across the board. He built easy camaraderie and also injected a healthy level of fun into the workplace.”

Personally, it is terribly sad to lose a close mate from high school but heart-warming to see the outpouring of respect and admiration from industry colleagues and the positive impact Tristan has left on many people professionally and personally.

Tristan’s family held a small, private funeral yesterday but a large memorial service will also be held this Saturday August 8th, which will be open to his industry colleagues and friends.

Should anyone wish to attend, please email ADMA Committee Member Rene LeMerle via

So as Tristan would say in his best Ron Burgundy impersonation, “Keep on marketing”.

Troy Zafer
ZAC Creative