Vale Alix Rivalland

Vale Alix Rivalland

Vale Alix Rivalland – 20th November 1989 to 19th October 2022


You know those people that light up a room just by walking in – our Alix was one of those people. Alix lost her battle with breast cancer on 19th October 2022 at just 32 years of age.

Growing up in Corepipe, Mauritius with her mum and dad and brothers Alix made the decision to move to Perth to study at Curtin in a Bachelor or Commerce, majoring in Marketing and graduating with honours in 2011. It was during this time she met her life partner Simon.

Alix’s first role in Perth was joining the team at News Corp as a Sales Coordinator. She very quickly showed potential and moved through to the role of digital sales and operations prior to taking a maternity leave replacement role at

Alix then joined the team at Fairfax Media in the role of Account Manager in 2015 where she continued her successful career through to the merger with Nine in 2018 prior to becoming the Mum of her two beautiful girls Eloise & Vivienne.

Marnie McKeown said: “When I first met Alix, I was immediately drawn in by her smile that could light up a room and her gorgeous French/Mauritian accent. Alix has always held her own with incredible style and grace. Some of my favourite memories of Alix are her impeccable taste for anything sweet – generally with loads of butter and sugar. Her love for her family, her partner Simon and the girls is testament to the person she was. Alix was loved by all those she worked and became friends with across our advertising industry. I feel so lucky that Gemma & I got to spend some time with Alix and her family in her final few weeks. No matter how she was feeling – her grace, style, humour and beauty continued to shine through right up until her final days. Seeing Alix & Eloise speaking French together is a memory I’ll always cherish.”

Gemma White said: “I was so lucky to not only work with Alix over the last 4 years but also call her a friend. Alix’s positive attitude towards life was contagious and I was constantly in awe of how brave and resilient Alix was whilst being so caring. She loved Simon and her girls so much and was so proud of them. Alix would often show me the daily photo’s and video updates that Eloise’s day care would send throughout the day and she would beam with pride whilst having a giggle at what Eloise had been up to. Alix was also an incredible baker and our team would often enjoy a home baked sweet treat from her, with only crumbs left moments after she put them on the table. We are all going to miss Alix terribly. She was such a special person and I am so grateful our paths crossed.”

Liz Molyneux said: “Alix was one of the best at her job having been nominated three times for the best digital representative for WA in the Media i awards, she was a professional through and through while always sharing her knowledge and time. She never had a bad word to say about anyone, always seeing the positive in every situation. Hard as it is, this is what helped Alix through her 15 month battle with triple negative breast cancer. She fought as hard as she could but in the end had the most amazing grace to accept and come to terms with the cards that were dealt to her. She made as many memories as she could with Simon and her darling girls. We had a date to have cake and coffee like we did every Friday in the old days with the old Fairfax team but sadly time just ran out. We will all miss her but never forget the excel spreadsheet marking out of 10 the cafes we went to and most importantly the quality of cake!”

To all our industry family that have had the privilege of working with and counting Alix as one of your friends no matter where in the world you are, we know that she would want you to make the most of every opportunity you have and make sure you always have time to enjoy cake!

Please, if you have any concerns about your health or those niggling little feelings follow your intuition and get checked.

We are all incredibly grateful and honoured to have known and loved Alix. Our hearts are broken for Simon, Eloise, Vivienne, her Mum & Dad, brothers and extended family.

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Marnie McKeown, Liz Molyneux and Gemma White

Vale Alix Rivalland