Seen+Noted: Tuvalu to preserve the Island Nation’s land, culture + history in the Metaverse

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In a dramatic illustration of the possibility that it could disappear in the next few decades due to rising sea levels, the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu has teamed with global creative agency The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, and Collider to co-create the beginnings of a Digital Nation starting with a digital twin of one of its islands.


During a three-minute address at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27), Simon Kofe, the Minister of Justice, Communication & Foreign Affairs of Tuvalu, announced that due to the ongoing effects of climate change, Tuvalu may eventually be forced to move its country entirely online. Kofe provided an example of what that could look like when, during his speech, it was slowly revealed that he was delivering it from a digital islet in the metaverse.

The address signals the beginning of a continuing project to catalogue, map, record and save as much of Tuvaluan island life as possible — including historical documents, records of cultural practices, family albums and traditional song — in the metaverse.

“The tragedy of this outcome cannot be overstated,” said Minister Kofe in his address. “But because the world has not acted, we must. Tuvalu could be the first country in the world to exist solely in the metaverse – but if global warming continues unchecked, it won’t be the last.”

The Monkeys also helped Tuvalu create a dedicated website where visitors can help show support for the country’s future.

Says Tara Ford, chief creative officer of The Monkeys: “This is such an important project and collaboration, and one where digital transformation and storytelling sit at the heart. It’s an ongoing undertaking, signaling a new and sobering chapter of a world facing the realities of climate change.”

This important message was communicated to media outlets around the world by Thrive PR, rallying the public to show their support.

Project launch website:

Accenture is committed to addressing environmental issues through its own commitment to be net-zero by 2025, and by helping clients and suppliers make and meet their commitments.

Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song

Co-Founder & Group CEO: Mark Green

Co-Founder & Group Chief Creative Officer: Scott Nowell

General Manager: Kezia Quinn
Chief Creative Officer: Tara Ford
Executive Creative Director: Barbara Humphries
Head of Innovation: Beth O’Brien
Creative Director: Cameron Bell
Creative Director: Sam Dickson
Senior Art Director: Alex Polglase
Senior Copywriter: Jake Ausburn
Head of Production: Penny Brown
Digital Producer: Tamara Wohl
Digital Design Lead: Eva Godeny
Head of Planning: Hugh Munro
GTM & Strategy Director, Sustainability Studio: Lucy Sundberg

Production House: Collider
Director: Glenn Stewart
EP/Producer: Karen Bryson
Managing Dir: Rachael Ford-Davies
Post Production: Collider Studio
3D Animation: Glenn Stewart
Additional Vfx: Joseph Harper
Colourist: Matt Fezz

PR: Thrive
CEO: Leilani Abels
Senior Account Director: Nathan McGregor
Senior Account Manager: Tess McDonald
Senior Account Manager: Anna Laskaris
Senior Account Executive: Maddy Beck
Account Coordinator: Sarah Nguyen
Account Coordinator: Sophie Thomason

Development team:
Tech Lead: Surya Winata
React Developer: Jasmine The
React Developer: Steve Deng

Music and Sound: MassiveMusic
Creative Director: Ryan Dickinson
Composer: Haydn Walker
Sound Design: Simon Kane
Executive Producer: Katrina Aquilia

Seen+Noted: Tuvalu to preserve the Island Nation’s land, culture + history in the Metaverse Seen+Noted: Tuvalu to preserve the Island Nation’s land, culture + history in the Metaverse Seen+Noted: Tuvalu to preserve the Island Nation’s land, culture + history in the Metaverse