Trilogy launches DeTour off the Coast for the Most Authentic WA Holiday campaign

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Trilogy launches DeTour off the Coast for the Most Authentic WA Holiday campaign

Australia’s Golden Outback is intending to blow perceptions of holidays out of the water, revealing a new Gascoyne Murchison marketing campaign created by Trilogy, to attract local, national and international tourists to Australia’s largest, most spectacular, and most surprising region.


The campaign was created by recently appointed agency Trilogy Advertising and Marketing, and is based on providing motivating reasons for travellers to deviate from the norm and turn right instead of heading straight up the coast as they usually do. The “Detour to Authentic” campaign therefore highlights what can be discovered by taking a different path – natural beauty beyond beaches, and epic experiences accessed through ageless doorways.

The campaign launches on February 6th, primarily comprising video and muti-faceted content across digital channels directing to Australia’s Golden Outback’s new website.

Covering 200,000 square km of Northern Western Australia’s ancient lands this comparatively overlooked Gascoyne Murchison region has a history reaching back over 9,000 years, and is actually home to some of the world’s most unique natural attractions and habitats.



Trilogy launches DeTour off the Coast for the Most Authentic WA Holiday campaign

Australia’s Golden Outback Marketing Manager, Kelly Leonard, said: “More people are wanting different travel experiences, they want true natural beauty, to meet genuine locals and hear ancient stories that can’t be told anywhere else. And there’s no better, more authentic, showcase than the Gascoyne Murchison region. We understand the allure of coastal destinations, but a slight detour off the beaten track opens up a whole new world that we proudly urge everyone to visit instead of just booking familiar destinations crowded with all the usual people.”

“We want people to deviate from the norm,” continued Leonard, “We want to help them discover new things, to tour, explore and find uniqueness and authenticity. Imagine being a guest at a sprawling cattle station and having a yarn with the owner as you watch an outstanding outback sunset, paddling on the Gascoyne River or walking the streets of historic towns like Yalgoo and Big Bell where gold miners once hoped to find their fortunes, venturing into caves that are ancient galleries of Aboriginal rock paintings, leaving urban banality behind you on 4-wheel-driving or hiking adventures, and sharing a beer with fascinating locals at old pubs. Taking a ‘detour to authentic’ is definitely worth it.”.

In keeping with the vastness of the Gascoyne Murchison region the campaign utilises single images and bold typography to reflect the scale of the experience and reveal all that can be discovered.

The World’s Largest Rock
There is Mount Augustus (or “Burringurrah” as the local Wajarri people call it) which is the world’s largest inselberg – a lone rock which is twice the size of Uluru and 1700 million (or some say 1 billion) years old! Simply taking in the majesty of the rock face as its colours shift in the changing light, or tuning into a true connection with the land, or meeting new friends over a shared picnic, is somewhat spiritual. For a more tactile and energetic experience there are choices in walking trails and self-drive circuits to provide a variety of up-close perspectives and access to breathtaking gorges fringed with giant wizened gumtrees.

As awe-inspiring is revered rock art revealing ancient Aboriginal culture and stories that echo though thousands of years.

To Infinity and Beyond
Endless, endless skies so far from city lights and pollution that stars don’t shine so much as dazzle. This region is where serious astronomers, and those who dream of other worlds, head to immerse themselves in a new dimension.

The truth of this is evidenced by the area being the chosen location for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the world’s largest telescope. Australia and South Africa have partnered in this initiative to help explore the mysteries of, and answer fundamental questions about, our vast universe.

Eclipsing all Else
Witnessing a solar eclipse is a special occurrence, witnessing a solar eclipse in the Gascoyne region is bucket-list worthy! On April 20th this year, a 40km wide strip of this region is on the path of a solar eclipse, and is the most accessible land based place on Earth to view the spectacle!

Penthouse Views Without Pent-up Space
The Gascoyne Murchison region offers holiday accommodation with a difference.

Picture views to uninterrupted skies not skyscrapers, million stars not 5-Star, dining off the land not fine china, sleeping as deeply as the surrounding silence, and making genuine friendships with the people who warmly share their outback homes.

This is station country! The owners of vast pastoral properties welcome guests with a make- yourself-at-home attitude, and a variety of accommodation options – circa 1800’s grand homesteads, camping grounds on riverbanks, antique-furnished guest houses and cottages, simple dongas, and re-purposed shearers’ quarters. These choices, and more, can be found at Wooleen, Mellenbye, Melangata, Mount Augustus, Nalbarra, and Gabyon, Stations which are peppered through the region.

Enjoying the unique outback life here also includes exploring the surrounding land on self- guided walks, or guided motorbike, quad bike, horse or 4WD tours with property owners proud to explain the history of the land, and show you their commitment to its regeneration and to sustainable farming practices.

Wild and Free
In the renown wildflower season, carpets of everlastings spread to never-ending horizons, and the colours of mulla mulla, scarlet red sturt desert pea, orchids and golden billy buttons create vibrant displays over the land’s canvas.

The wildflowers are fleeting, however over 20 wattle species thrive in this mineral-rich earth, amidst plains of spinifex, and towering gum and mallee trees.

Nature’s bounty sustains and protects over 270 species of birds in the Gascoyne Murchison region, where waterways and gorges eroded out of sandstone for millions of years, provide harmonious habitats. Kangaroos and emus share this home too, as do dragons. Yes dragons, or Ctenophorus Caudicinctus and Gowidon Longirostris as they are officially named.

Life in the Gascoyne Murchison region of Australia’s Golden Outback is big, wild and free.

Client: Kelly Leonard (Australia’s Golden Outback)
Creative Director: James Gillespie (Trilogy)
Art Director: Kate Zimbulus (Trilogy)
Copywriter: Ingrid Waltham (Trilogy)
Brand Strategist: Lisa Thom (Trilogy)
Digital Strategist: David Clarke (Trilogy)
Video Editor: Ryan Vergone (Trilogy)

Trilogy launches DeTour off the Coast for the Most Authentic WA Holiday campaign