Trilogy comes of age

Trilogy comes of age

On November 1st Trilogy Advertising and Marketing celebrated its 18th birthday.


While much has changed over the 18 years, the agency continues to be led by Nita Davey and Jo Bulline and remains one of the few of its size and breadth that is independently owned.

Trilogy is known for its relationship-centric philosophy, its nimbleness, and for providing a full range of brand strategy and marketing communication services.

“We have an amazing team,” says Davey. “Alison Dawson has been with us since day one as our Finance Director and another five people have been with us for six years or more, including Taige Grebe for 12 years as our Senior Art Director. This year our Creative Director, James Gillespie, celebrated 40 years in the industry! We could not be prouder of the dedication and talent these, and the rest of our extraordinary team of specialists, bring across all of our services every day.”

Many of Trilogy’s clients have also been with the Agency for the long term, and this year they have been joined by 14 new clients and additional projects.

“It has been an interesting 12 months,” said Bulline. “We’ve moved to a new location, embraced working from home choices, and faced some challenges, but our whole attitude comes from applying ourselves with positivity and without restraint. Most fortunately, we have had a significant amount of new business referred to us, and these clients are from diverse industries which is really exciting.”

This growth, and their clients’ shifting priorities, has resulted in Trilogy re-shaping and evolving their business.

Lisa Thom joined Trilogy six months ago as lead Business Strategist, and promotions include Alex Kelly to Head of Account Service, David Clarke to Integration Director, and Ryan Vergone to Digital Creative Director. These four people also form Trilogy’s new Management Team.

New team members include Connie Trinh who brings years of expertise in strategic planning and project management to her role as Senior Account Director.

Most of Trilogy’s new recruits are in digital roles due to the agency’s recognition of the need to adapt to suit client demand and changing trends. Polly Ash and Amberlea Henriques have joined in social marketing roles, and Gus Gaidelevicius in search and analytics.

Michael McGrady joined Trilogy this month as Digital Director to lead the team, and further expand the depth and breadth of digital services.

“I’ve spent most of my career so far in businesses’ marketing departments,” said McGrady, “but Trilogy’s success in the field of digital communications is impressive, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to build on this and to spread my wings to help direct and fulfil the obvious potential the agency has for innovation and leadership.”

Trilogy’s new offices have been reconfigured twice since their move earlier this year with careful consideration given to integration and collaboration. “Our new employees bring even more talent and character to the mix of people already mentioned and our other creatively and organisationally brilliant team members – Kate Zimbulis, Anqi Tay, Jade Brown, Colleen McNaught, Fran Cze, Ingrid Waltham, Lisbeth Ambrosius and Angie Homann.” said Davey.

Trilogy is also a loyal supporter of the industry with part of their involvement including internships for Macushla Quicke and Garreth Bennett who both recently graduated from Advertising Council Australia’s JumpStart Program.

“As our brand suggests, ours is a story in multiple parts,” said Davey, “and the first 18 years of it went by in a heartbeat. Jo and I have loved (almost!) every minute of it and look forward to experiencing more in this crazy, fabulous, incomparable industry. We thank our team, our extended family of alliance partners, and our wonderful clients for being on this journey with us and making it so special and fulfilling.”

Trilogy comes of age Trilogy comes of age Trilogy comes of age