Top honours for Fremantle based Surge Marketing at National Marketing Awards

Top honours for Fremantle based Surge Marketing at National Marketing Awards

Surge Marketing’s ‘Early Bird’ campaign has been recognised by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) with a Marketing Excellence Award for Small Budget Marketing.


Surge Marketing is a Strategic Marketing and E-commerce consultancy based in Fremantle. They travelled to Sydney last month to collect the national award at the 42nd annual AMIs.

Their award winning campaign epitomises a creative, innovative and data driven approach to marketing. Surge Marketing’s deep understanding of their clients business and the highly unusual market conditions were pivotal to the campaign’s success.

AMI chief executive officer, Bronwyn Powell, said: “The quality of the award finalists and winners really are a reflection of the dynamic nature of the marketing industry. The judges have been blown away by the innovation and creativity on display in the Australian marketing landscape.”

Early in 2022, the global tourism industry faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surge Marketing embraced these challenges with determination, data-driven insights, and creative thinking – they went on to create a campaign that delivered remarkable results.

The ‘Early Bird’ campaign, designed in collaboration with their WA client, Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim (NWS), stands as a symbol of ingenuity and adaptability. In an era when the tourism sector faced severe travel limitations and rapidly changing consumer expectations, the campaign resulted in generating over 60 direct tour bookings with a ROAS 7.88 and an overall ROMI of 20.25 for that period.

The ‘Early Bird’ campaign’s success is a shared triumph. Surge Marketing credits the collaboration with NWS’s owner Matthew Winter and local experts for turning challenges into opportunities, resulting in a cost-effective campaign that propelled NWS to thrive amid adversity.

From the beginning just five years ago, Surge Marketing has consistently pursued its core purpose – to empower SME’s to surge forward in the market. Their approach goes beyond strategy; it’s results-driven and thrives on collaboration, enabling businesses to grow authentically and with a clear sense of purpose.

Their client-centered approach is not only about crafting strategies; it’s about achieving tangible outcomes that contribute to genuine growth and purpose. Surge Marketing’s unique blend of creativity, data, and strategy has proven to be a winning formula, establishing them as a guiding light for businesses seeking to excel.

The AMI Marketing Excellence Award recognises Surge Marketing’s deep commitment to client success and meaningful contributions to the marketing field. The accolade highlights their role in assisting businesses to navigate and thrive through challenging periods.

This recognition fuels their resolve to continue to forge paths for businesses to succeed, even when faced with obstacles. The ‘Early Bird’ campaign exemplifies a unique synergy of creativity, data, and strategic planning— and they are poised to shape an even more impactful future for their clients.