The Work 2024 Contenders: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders…

IAG for NRMA Insurance: Until Then
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
The idea, ‘Until Then… we’ll be here to help’, imagines a world where insurance isn’t needed and where mishaps and accidents prevent themselves from ever happening. However, until that world exists, we all need some help when things in life go awry. That’s why NRMA Insurance is here.

This second installment, builds off the brand platform launched last year, and continues to add fresh meaning and resonance to ‘HELP’ by defining it as a promise to be there for whatever goes wrong.

IAG for NRMA Insurance: HELP Idents
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
These idents take the existing HELP/NRMA mnemonic and turn it into a series that elaborates on what that HELP is for, to use across a range of platforms and sponsorship media placements to qualify NRMA Insurance’s promise.

Each ident recreated the end-frame device out of the elements for the sponsorship or type of insurance, to build a bridge between their promise and the brand.

ROLLiN’ Insurance: Smooth
Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
Since its launch in 2021, ROLLiN’ Insurance has been on a mission to shake up the traditionally square insurance category, and cater to the lives and needs of a younger audience. By highlighting the brand’s smooth and easy quote process, the new campaign builds on the freed-up feeling you get from insurance that lets you roll the way you do.

The retro-psychedelic style builds on the ROLLiN’s irreverent and distinctive aesthetic – and shows a character who keeps getting smoother and funkier until he actually turns into a car and rolls away.


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