The Work 2023 Contenders: DDB Group Aotearoa

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Team Heroine: Correct The Internet
DDB Group Aotearoa
Many of the world’s biggest sporting records are held by women. But when asked simple, non-gendered questions to find this information, like ‘who has scored the most goals in international football?’, search engines incorrectly favour popular male athletes, ignoring women’s achievements. Algorithms have learnt to tell us Cristiano Ronaldo’s 118 goals are superior to Christine Sinclair’s 190 goals, because that’s what they think people want to see.

So, Team Heroine created Correct The Internet: a UN backed initiative to right the wrongs of the internet. The campaign was built around a new online tool, developed to highlight over 50 incorrect searches that create the bias and allowed people to report the correct information on them. This resulted in millions of people giving feedback with the correct answers to the search engines. Now, search results have started changing. And so are the search engines themselves, developing new features that offer male & female results, making the achievements of sportswomen visible to all who search for them.

KiwiRail: The Rail Ritual
DDB Group Aotearoa
We created a superstition.

The first superstition to actually save lives.

By getting people to blow to the left and right before they crossed train tracks, we prompted them to look both ways without even realising it.

But for the superstition to catch on, it needed to feel like it already existed. So we embedded it online before getting influencers to talk about superstitions in general – with The Rail Ritual simply appearing amidst their other content.

Finally, when it looked like it had been around for years, KiwiRail endorsed the superstition and content in Rail Safety Week.

The Work 2023 Contenders: DDB Group Aotearoa

Tourism New Zealand: IF YOU SEEK
DDB Group Aotearoa
Aotearoa New Zealand. A land hidden beneath a long white cloud. One of the hardest places on earth to get to. The last to be found. Not a place for tourists. But the pākiki – the curious ones.

In 2022, while the world re-opened, and put everything on display, we didn’t. We created a tourism campaign that doesn’t show its wonders.

We told our stories in a tongue only we understand. Performed our traditions with the sound removed. Our best views, creatures and sacred taonga (treasures), we displayed from unexpected angles, obscured and redacted.

Only the truly curious, those willing to give more (the kind of high-value visitors we were looking for), got to see and discover a little more – with deeper mobile experiences and additional content.

The closer they got to booking, the more they got to see. But of course, if they wanted to see it all, they had to come.



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