The Work 2023 Contenders: CHEP

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Samsung: Walk the Night
As part of Samsung’s sponsorship of Melbourne Fashion Festival, we put on a runway show in the near pitch-black.

A show too dark for the human eye to see, but not too dark for the new Samsung Galaxy S22’s unmatched ‘Nightography’. The only way people could view the garments designed by the nation’s upcoming graduate designers was through the lens of the Galaxy S22.

As models walked the runway, a handful of Galaxy S22s captured from every angle what the human eye couldn’t see, and then projected it live onto a custom built installation above the runway, onto out-of-home around the country, and via livestream on all social media platforms.

Karicare: (Un)Geddes
Formula brand Karicare is on a mission to redefine how society portrays parenting.

To do this we partnered with the original baby influencer influencer – Anne Geddes, creator of the most influential and enduring picture-perfect photography style.

We challenged her to break her iconic style to make a statement about how parenting really looks.
Brand saliency increased by 23 points. Our Kantar brand health rating jumped by 38.6% – catapulting us to 4th in the category. We stole market share and hit record sales volumes – all with less spend than the year prior, and less media spend than the period before launch.

IKEA: BallerCard
To increase sign-ups and engagement with IKEA’s loyalty program, IKEA Family, we needed to transform it from something few had heard of into something everyone was talking about. With tight budget constraints, the brief needed to focus on retaining our most loyal (and valuable) Family member base, whilst ideally compelling a broader audience. So we used the Swedish Meatball to create a new IKEA icon – the world’s most highly prestigious, ultra-exclusive loyalty card. Introducing The BallerCard by IKEA Family, available by invitation only. The BallerCard unlocked an unrivalled culinary experience: a year’s supply of Swedish Meatballs. We used 10 data points to determine who was worthy and rewarded these top 250 members by sending them a BallerCard in a premium meatball-scented box, making them feel like the ballers they are. (And everyone else feel very, very jealous.)

Samsung: Flipvertising
Gen Z hate ads and they’re sceptical of sponsored content. When it comes to buying a new phone, it’s the unbiased opinions of content creators and reviewers they trust. So, to launch the Galaxy Z Flip4, we needed a way to get them searching for all of it.

We created one almost impossible-to-be-targeted-by YouTube pre-roll, then challenged our audience to trick their algorithms into showing them this elusive ad. Which meant that in the process of Googling every possible Galaxy Z Flip4 searchterm they could think of, they saw an endless stream of content we didn’t pay for.

Not to mention, we made an ad that people actually wanted to be targeted by for once.

Samsung: Reverse Auction
Samsung revolutionised Black Friday eCommerce in 2022 with an campaign designed to break through market noise. The Reverse Auction Experience let customers set prices for Samsung’s most popular products. Unlike regular auctions, Reverse Auctions started at full price, then decreased until all items had been bid for or the price reached $1 – which rarely happened because the internet went nuts.

Samsung’s Reverse Auction dominated Black Friday. It produced valuable leads worth $1.3 million and exceeded sales expectations. Incremental media spend of $186k led to $1.34 million in revenue and a 360% mROI, making it Samsung’s most successful Black Friday campaign.

Michael Hill Jeweller: The Jewellers
After years of price-discounted retail advertising featuring the company founder, the Michael Hill Jeweller brand had lost all its romance – which is a bit of a problem when you’re selling engagement rings.

To breathe life back into the brand, and introduce a new generation to Michael Hill, we tapped into the brand’s heritage and recreated the true story behind the brand – a love affair that started in 1964 when Michael met Christine.

The resulting film retells the story with excruciating attention to detail in casting, art department, original locations and capturing the spirit of the 1960s, when The Beatles had just toured New Zealand, Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent were bursting onto the fashion scene and iconic films featuring stars with enduring style dominated culture.

IKEA: The Uncreakening
IKEA was founded with the purpose of improving the lives of people everywhere, with well-designed and functional furniture, at affordable prices. Today this purpose means that IKEA not only considers the price of their furniture – but its cost to the planet. Sustainability is more than just how something is made. It’s also how long it lasts. To help save old furniture from an early grave, IKEA used the moment when old, creaky furniture is in the spotlight, Halloween. ‘The Uncreakening’ horror films used the movie trope of creaking furniture to encourage people to repair rather than replace, with a simple CTA, ‘Don’t be frightened it’s just time to retighten’. At a time when people seek out scary content, IKEA created a timely reminder that turned every spooky furniture creak into a call to repair rather than replace.


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