The Work 2023 Contenders: BMF

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2023 Contenders…

Australian for UNHCR: The Reluctant Shanty
Sea shanties are a 400-year-old genre of traditional folk song that was once commonly sung as a work song to accompany rhythmical labour aboard large merchant sailing vessels. With shanty music and the shanty community now more popular than ever on TikTok, we launched the first ever Reluctant Shanty. Because not all sailors want to go to sea.

In partnership with Nathan Evans – the fresh, global face of sea shanty music, UK #1 artist, and TikTok megastar – we co-created ‘The Reluctant Shanty’ song. A track based on in-depth interviews with five reluctant sailors: boat refugees from Iran, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. In close consultation with UNHCR these survivor stories were painstakingly turned into a song and music video that honoured their resilience, hardship, and courage.

On the eve of World Refugee Day, Nathan gave a mysterious sneak peek of the Reluctant Shanty song to his 1.6 million TikTok followers, igniting conversation about its haunting lyrics and themes. Then on World Refugee Day itself, Nathan and UNHCR simultaneously dropped the entire track and revealed its true meaning to the world.

Australians for Mental Health: Holding Out For Help
1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental ill-health in any given year. Yet Australia’s mental health care system is critically underfunded. This results in those with mental ill-health experiencing long, excruciating wait times for treatment as their symptoms escalate.

To draw attention to the 1.2 million Aussies currently being put on hold by the Australian mental healthcare system, and to drive change through parliament, we re-invented hold music. Partnering with multiple ARIA winning musician and mental health advocate Reuben Styles of Peking Duck we launched the first ever free hold music library for Australian businesses to download.

Reuben co-create four new bespoke singles which featured looping messages highlighting the much longer wait times millions of mental health patients face. With every track asking customers to turn their ‘hold’ time to ‘help’ time.

Tourism Tasmania: The Off Season
The Off Season is calling. Whether it’s the almighty roar of a pagan bonfire, Wim Hof breathing in icy water, or the throb of a concert stage, winter is Tasmania’s best kept secret. The Off Season celebrates the colder, darker months and everything weird and wonderful that comes with it.

Enlisting Australian artist and documentary photographer, Stephen Dupont, the campaign was shot entirely in black and white, inverting the conventions of tourism photography to capture real Tasmanians embracing the real spirit of winter.


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