The Work 2022 Contenders: Limehouse

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Zambrero: last bus
Production Company : Limehouse
Creative Agency: Lionize
Our latest spot ‘Last bus’ and 3rd TV instalment for the Zambrero ‘Zam right’ campaign is a quirky tale of love and sacrifice. When it comes to choosing between the last bus or your Zambrero burrito, you know you’re staying till the last bite. Up against the elements including budget for building and shooting in the dead of night in Centennial Park. This production proved our adaptability; that we can do high-quality work in a boutique way and smart.

Miller Chill: Flavoured to take refreshment further
Production Company: Limehouse
Creative Agency: The Works
Limehouse were tasked with creating a series of images and animations that reflected the essence of refreshment and key quirky and fun elements of the Miller chill brand.

Using CGI we built all the elements and created a fun tropical scenario that brought to life our hero, “Miller Chill Bottle” in all its tropical glory, living the good life.

As Limehouse does best, we created 3D POS animations of these fun scenarios leading to the little cinematics, giving the audience a glimpse into true refreshment.

PET CIRCLE: Pet Better
Production Company: Limehouse
Creative Agency: Lionize
Pet Circle’s ‘Pet Better’ idea was to be unleashed with a reskin of their national fleet of trucks and vans. Working with Lionize, we were tasked with producing the vehicle wrap artwork in a way that would unleash as much delight as Harry’s dog shaped van in Dumb and Dumber and ‘bring a smile to every street’. Our artists built the two long wrap images in full CGI using a variety of programs to comb and style the hair, and combine with the individual 3D elements for the collar, tag, tongue and drool. It was intricate work in CGI & retouching to accurately mould for 100 different vehicles and emphasise the features of this jovial pup!

Sportsbet: Bet With Mates
Production Company: Palomina
Post-Production: ARCedit, Shotbrokers & Limehouse (VFX)
We created the VFX for Sportsbet’s ‘Bet With Mates’ campaign in 3 x TVCs:
‘First Contact’ – our artists modelled and textured the spaceship in 3D, and animated & tracked onto live action.
‘Portal’ – matte paintings were created by our artists to extend the red planet landscape, and our 3D artists created the dust & debris particle FX.
‘Kings’ – matte paintings were created of the castles and some background elements for the live action plates.


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