The Work 2022 Contenders: DDB Aotearoa / Tribal

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Lotto New Zealand: On Ice
DDB Aotearoa
Many Lotto players do something strange: They delay checking their ticket to give themselves longer to imagine. So instead of focusing on the win – like every Lotto ad on the planet – we focused on the wait.

First we created a story about a group of Antarctic researchers who put off checking their ticket so they can dream for the 6 months they’re stuck there. But then, just as the ad is coming to the climax… We cut off the ending.

The public reaction was instant. Our response was not. In fact, we made them wait a month before finally revealing a site where the ending could be found, but only if the user was patient enough to search through the Antarctic base where the researchers had spent 6 months.

Samsung New Zealand: Samsung iTest
The Apple ecosystem is a fortress. It’s hard for brands to get in… and even harder to get users out.

One of the biggest barriers to getting people to even consider switching to Samsung is that they’re worried they won’t know how to use the android operating system. They fear it’s too foreign and they’ll be lost.

So we hijacked our biggest rival’s devices and let people test drive a Samsung from the comfort of their iPhone.

Steinlager: The Alt Blacks
DDB Aotearoa
The black jersey. It’s every Kiwi’s dream. A dream that most of us will never live. So, Steinlager gave regular Kiwis the chance to play in a black jersey for the first time ever by creating a new team: The Alt Blacks. With the developers of the popular video game, Rugby Challenge, Steinlager went into the gaming world. In this world, we could turn anyone into the rugby hero of their dreams, so they could play in a test match versus world champions, South Africa, in front of millions of fans – something that could never happen in the real world.


Body Positive / Positive Women: The Baby Who Changed The World: A White Paper Like No Other
DDB Aotearoa
In 2019, we set out to change the world by launching Sperm Positive: The World’s First HIV-positive Sperm Bank. But the world, and even the industry we were trying to help didn’t believe us. Now we have Amy, the first baby born to an HIV-positive sperm bank, plus 5 other babies. So we had to share our living proof by writing a white paper. But white papers are hard to read, share, translate, and understand. Using the true birth stories from the world’s first HIV-positive sperm bank, our undeniable living proof, we reinvented the white paper. Short, simple, and sharable, our paper is a new educational resource that is now being used, and most importantly, understood, by patients, doctors and HIV organisations around the world.



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