The West Australian’s series KILL OR BE KILLED? results in justice for domestic violence victim

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The West Australian has once again demonstrated the genuine power of quality investigative journalism with yesterday’s announcement of Jody Gore’s release from prison.


The case was featured in The West Australian’s investigative series KILL OR BE KILLED? after being handed down a life sentence for the murder of her abusive ex-partner Damian Jones.

Gore had suffered 20 years of horrific domestic violence before stabbing Jones with a kitchen knife after he attacked her at a party in 2015.

In the four-part series, award-winning journalist Annabel Hennessy exposed flaws in the legal proceedings that put Gore behind bars. The series caught the attention of Attorney-General John Quigley, who yesterday made the extraordinary move to release her using rare mercy laws.

In a letter written after her release Gore thanked the press saying, “I thank Annabel Hennessey and the Attorney General again for telling my stories, no woman should go through that.”

Senior Editor of The West Australian, Anthony De Ceglie, said he was incredibly proud of the work that went into KILL OR BE KILLED?

“It was tenacious and gutsy journalism by Annabel that, through sheer hard work, has resulted in the most amazing of outcomes,” he said. “Jody’s plight is a poignant reminder of the tragedy that is domestic violence and the vicious cycle of abuse some women are trapped in. Now she is free, we wish her and her loved ones all the best.”

De Ceglie said the outcome highlights The West Australian’s ongoing commitment to premium content and in-depth special investigations through both their print and digital platforms.