The results are in – Almost 30,000 take part in huge Perth is OK! survey

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The results are in – Almost 30,000 take part in huge Perth is OK! survey

In just its second year of existence Perth is OK!’s annual audience survey has netted some interesting results, with almost 30,000 respondents taking part and offering an insightful look into what makes them tick.


In a wider sense, cost of living pressures and the environment both emerged as strong issues amongst the survey audience, with 80% of respondents worried about cost of living in WA, along with 75% believing Australia should be doing more to reduce carbon emissions.

Related to the high cost of living concerns, almost 60% of respondents are homeowners and just over 30% are renters, while 50% have children and 60% have pets.

Perth is OK! continues to be a trusted outlet for their audience, with over 80% of respondents trusting recommendations on the site and/or sharing something they’ve seen on the platform to friends and family, while just over 70% have made a purchasing decision after seeing a brand or business featured.

New media continues to be the go-to for the Perth is OK! audience, with almost 40% of respondents saying they hadn’t engaged with free-to-air TV in the previous 24-hours, while 81% had watched Netflix in that same period.

Social Media was also the most common source of news for respondents (73%), followed by websites (48%), television (44%) and radio (37%), with newspapers only read by 16% of respondents.

The Social Media breakdown also proved interesting, with Instagram (85%), YouTube (64%), Snapchat (37%), TikTok (34%) and LinkedIn (32%) ranking highly amongst the most used platforms used in the previous month.

In terms of future travel plans around Western Australia, over 80% of respondents were eyeing of a down south getaway in the next 12 months, with over 50% planning on a Rottnest Island (Wadjemup) trip, 23% further south to Esperance and 22% headed up north to the Coral Coast.

You can take a look at the results via the Hubspot link below (email required to view):

Perth is OK! Annual Survey