The Nightly’s readership continues to grow, according to May IPSOS data

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The Nightly’s readership continues to grow, according to May IPSOS data

The Nightly, Seven West Media’s new national online masthead, continues to enjoy strong engagement from a growing readership, with newly released figures showing a hefty 19 per cent surge in page views compared to the previous month.


The latest industry-audited IPSOS figures for May showed The Nightly grew its online audience base for the third consecutive month (1.86 million unique users) while recording a significant lift in the number of monthly page views.

The 19 per cent rise — from 4.36 million PVs in April to 5.19 million in May — along with a significant increase in average minute per person showed readers were flocking to The Nightly and choosing to stay.

The Nightly’s digital edition is published at 6pm each weekday and has built a loyal following, capturing a unique perspective on the day’s national and international news.

The IPSOS figures also revealed The Nightly’s popularity on Australia’s east coast continued to go from strength to strength.

More than 68 per cent of The Nightly’s audience is based in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland, according to the data.

Editor-In-Chief Christopher Dore said the numbers proved The Nightly’s popularity was growing exponentially on the east coast.

“We know that The Nightly is an exciting and important news platform for the whole country,” he said.

“What’s encouraging is seeing the numbers support our vision.”

Editor Sarah-Jane Tasker said the strength of The Nightly’s content was what brought readers back to the site — and kept them there.

“Whether it’s special investigations into unsolved cases by veteran reporter Kristin Shorten or must-read columns from David Koch, Michael Usher or Chris Reason — there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back to The Nightly,” she said.

“It’s heartening to see the increase in page views and the growth in our east coast audience. There’s plenty more to come from us.”

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