The Nightly Ipsos figures: SWM’s national online masthead boasts 874,000 visitors in March

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The Nightly Ipsos figures: SWM’s national online masthead boasts 874,000 visitors in March

The Nightly’s stellar first month has been capped off with official Ipsos digital measurement figures showing 874,000 people visited Seven West Media’s new national online masthead in March.


Seven West Media WA’s chief executive, Maryna Fewster, said: “I was incredibly proud of how fast the team behind the digital newspaper and 24/7 website had built a significant online audience.

“The impressive audience figures in just its first month came on the back of quality journalism, must-read investigations and unrivalled analysis.

“I’m confident that this is just the start.”

The Nightly’s editor-in-chief, Anthony De Ceglie, said: “The masthead remained steadfast in its belief that there was a huge audience demand across Australia for quality mainstream-middle journalism that was also free.

“Most importantly, we’re very confident that our audience will grow in size significantly in month two.

“From there, the sky really is the limit.”

The Nightly’s editor, Sarah-Jane Tasker, said: “Its dogged investigation into controversial “Nature Positive” green laws had seen the Albanese Government back down significantly on proposed legislation that would have significantly harmed Australia’s economy.

“The issue was not on the national agenda until The Nightly started exposing significant concerns with the Government’s plan.

“The Nightly also offered the most compelling opinion writers in the country, ranging from Christopher Dore to Gemma Acton to Leigh Matthews.”

Seven West Media chief sales officer Brent Stewart thanked the masthead’s launch partners for “being there at the start of this journey.”

Stewart added: “We’re so excited to see The Nightly gather this level of traction in its first month.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing its ongoing success as we continue to expand the offering in market.”

The Ipsos figures also showed grew a bumper 9 per cent in audience from the previous month.

Meanwhile, The West Australian brand group had a total of 58 million page views for March — a growth of 4 per cent on the same time last year.