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Coinciding with the launch of the refreshed MSWA brand positioning of ‘We are ready’, The Brand Agency has recently delivered a completely new website,


Head of Account Management, Brendon Lewis, said given the limitations of the exiting website, there was a unique opportunity to begin the process with a clean slate.

Kicking off with stakeholder and customer research, user experience analysis and mapping and detailed information architecture and wireframing, a new site was built from the ground up with the needs of the various customer groups at the core of all decisions.

“It is not often you get the opportunity to build a website for an established organisation from scratch”, said Lewis. “Our collective goal was to deliver a best practice site experience based on simplicity, natural user journey and engaging content.”

Developed on a cutting-edge platform and CMS, agile content updates are simply done to ensure the site content is always up to date and relevant. Customer-centricity also extends to the donation portal where choice is imbedded into the process around donation amount, frequency and payment method, including Apple Pay and PayPal.

General Manager, Brand, Marketing & Sales – Paul Cavanagh
Brand and Communications Manager – Libby Cassidy
Digital Marketing Officer – Steffi Rosedel
Brand & Content Officer – Greta Carlshausen
Brand & Content Officer – Caitlin Skinner

The Brand Agency
Head of Account Management – Brendon Lewis
Account Director – Ruby Broun
Experience Designer – Jacqueline Taylor
Lead Developer – Tim Everts
Front End Developer – David Woodward
Front End Developer – Carmelo Rigoli
Digital Project manager – Pete Boston
Head of Design – Dan Agostino
Digital Art Director – Clayton West
Senior Designer – Janice Law
Senior Media Technologist – Naomi Fuller