The Brand Agency launches campaign for Kleenheat’s Community Grants’ program

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The Brand Agency launches campaign for Kleenheat’s Community Grants’ program

To kick start 2021, Kleenheat has launched its Community Grants program to help make a positive impact on local communities across regional Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


The program aims to provide community groups and not-for-profit organisations a ‘leg-up’ by offering $1,000 grants to spark positive energy and enrich the lives of the communities they serve.

The Brand Agency worked with Kleenheat to set the strategic and creative direction for the program and communications, from recommendations on program structure and evaluation criteria to developing a touchpoint plan and user journey, the overarching program communications strategy, visual identity, and marketing campaign.

A review of the competitive environment uncovered that whilst there are various community grants programs, including those offered by Kleenheat’s competitors, most only help established community organisations and are offered Australia-wide.

This means the chance of obtaining a grant is low, there is often a lengthy application process, the time period for receiving grant funds is even longer, and most programs have a similar tonal and visual ‘community’ identity.

Kleenheat took a hyper-local approach focussing on smaller community groups who may otherwise be overlooked. This was paired with a simple application process and fast grant processing, so funds can be distributed quickly for immediate impact across local communities.

The program’s visual identity and tone was created to encapsulate Kleenheat’s brand and play on the generic naming of most grants programs.

Grant is Kleenheat’s very own local Community Grants ambassador. He has his own persona, tone of voice, emotional traits, language guide, visual style, and a celebratory spirit.

Kleenheat Community Grants is open to eligible groups across regional WA and the NT from January through June 2021, with campaign materials running across BVOD, radio, digital and social media, supported by content on Kleenheat-owned channels.

Carolyn Mooney, Business Director at The Brand Agency said: “Kleenheat Community Grants are small but mighty, allowing Kleenheat to help more of our community rather than awarding one large grant to one organisation.”

“We’re focusing on the power of the collective: small actions x lots of people = big change. Given their heritage and involvement in local communities across regional WA and the NT, Kleenheat is an organisation with the opportunity to make a real difference by giving back to those who have supported them for so many years: other locals.”

Creative Director, Dean Hunt, said: “After an extensive casting process of several other small yellow animated characters, Grant’s passion for community support made him the obvious choice. His name was a bonus too.”

“Active and positive support for the community is key pillar for Kleenheat, so we’re delighted to have Grant on board as the face (and knees) of this campaign.”

Kleenheat Partnerships Marketing Manager, Teale Moyers, said: “Kleenheat Community Grants is all about helping local go-getters continue to make a positive difference in the communities they support.”

“Kleenheat’s also proud to be one of the locals. With over 60 years’ experience supporting communities across WA and the NT – and local teams on the ground – we see the great work being done across regional WA and the Territory and know it’s amazing what a little Grant can do.”

More information on Kleenheat Community Grants is available here.



Client: Kleenheat
Marketing Manager: Sasha Anderson
Partnerships Marketing Manager: Teale Moyers
Content Marketing Manager: Josh Nicholson
Content Marketing Coordinator: Courtney Bowen
Agency: The Brand Agency
Creative Director: Dean Hunt
Head of Art/Art Director: Nathan Teoh
Copywriter: Dan Debuf
Head of Design: Dan Agostino
Designer: George Cooke
Head of Insights: Elle Pound
Strategist: Daniella Chadinha
Business Director: Carolyn Mooney
Senior Account Manager: Reyne Thomson
Head of Media and Analytics: Angela Naaykens
Media Buyer: Tom Trefry
Animation – King Street
Producer: Katie Trew
Production Coordinator: Sydney Mumby
Animation: Tracey Kim
Sound: Soundbyte
Engineer: Shaun Sandosham
Consumer PR: BCW
Senior Account Director: Tess Fisher

The Brand Agency launches campaign for Kleenheat’s Community Grants’ program The Brand Agency launches campaign for Kleenheat’s Community Grants’ program