Sumatran Tiger, Rainbow Serpent and Honey Bees visit Forrest Chase via Trilogy

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While undergoing significant redevelopment, Forrest Chase in the heart of the city continues to innovate to offer different experiences to the thousands of people visiting and passing through every day.


The development’s marketing team recognised the opportunity to champion other leading Perth cultural and entertainment destinations by providing them with a unique presence at Forrest Chase through augmented reality.

Trilogy, working in close collaboration with Art Gallery WA, Perth Zoo and Scitech, created concepts and immersive virtual executions and installations to activate spaces at Forrest Chase and individually showcase some of the attractions available at these popular destinations.

The Art Gallery WA (AGWA) is highly respected for bringing special exhibitions to the people of Western Australia including the current Desert River Sea: Portraits of the Kimberley, which is available until May. To represent Gary Sibosado’s Aalingoon (Rainbow Serpent) component of this exhibition and to provide shareable visual experiences, their space was created with tactile fronds surrounding a backdrop with an Art Gallery WA logo which activates an augmented reality Rainbow Serpent on mobile devices through Facebook.

There are estimated to be fewer than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the world. Perth Zoo is home to two of them, and to a vitally important breeding program which endeavours to ensure the survival of these noble animals. The Perth Zoo activation at Forrest Chase has an augmented reality tiger animate when viewed through Facebook’s inbuilt camera app. Trilogy created the entire environment – digital and physical – to help Forrest Chase raise awareness of the critical Sumatran Tiger situation, and Perth Zoo’s admirable commitment, so that future generations won’t have to rely on augmented reality to see them.

Scitech is a family favourite, offering a variety of entertaining and educational experiences and Forrest Chase made provision of an experiential zone to highlight these. One of Scitech’s many admirable features is its bee colony, which was established in recognition of Western Australia having one of the healthiest bee populations in the world. Healthy bees mean improved biodiversity, a healthier environment and of course – tasty honey for us all. Trilogy’s creation of Scitech’s space at Forrest Chase includes 3-dimensional bees and honeycomb which frames logo activated augmented reality bees, via Facebook.

Trilogy Director, Nita Davey, said the team enjoyed every moment working with the organisations, representing them in the virtual world and linking via their new emoji’s created for Facebook.

“Forrest Chase continues to enhance the CBD region, and we can definitely ‘Expect More’ as the redevelopment and marketing communications’ strategy evolves.”

Campaign: Forrest Chase ‘Expect More’
Marketing Team: Miri Lackovic and Vicki Hall

Agency: Trilogy
Creative: Taige Grebe

Digital Producer: Ryan Vergone
Augmented Reality: Constructive Media
Manufacture and Install: WASP
Account Director: Nita Davey
Account Manager: Bree Adele Lee