State of Social ’21 announces Rae Johnston as Closing Keynote Speaker

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State of Social ’21 announces Rae Johnston as Closing Keynote Speaker

If the break-neck speed of innovation fills you with FOMO or even dystopian dread, fear not. Award-winning journo and fearless futurist Rae Johnston is coming to State of Social ‘21 to turn your future frown upside-down.


Renaissance woman, Rae Johnston.
Award-winning journalist, editor and broadcaster. Producer, podcaster and actor. Cultural commentator, social advocate and mentor. Gaming royalty and all-round geek. If you were putting together your dream geeky dinner-party guest list, Rae Johnston would be there.

From Gizmodo Australia and her top-rated podcasts (Queens of the Drone Age, Hear+Beyond and Take It Blak) to shows on SBS, ABC and Network Ten, Johnston’s list of accolades and accomplishments reads like the intro for a lifetime achievement award. And she’s just getting started.

The perfect closing keynote for Day One of State of Social ’21, Johnston will shine a light into the future’s darkest recesses. Exploring and expanding on all the geeky stuff she knows and loves, she’ll be talking STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), emerging technologies and more.

What’s the next big thing after the next big thing? Who will disrupt the disruptors? Where’s it all heading, and why? And what do we need to know about as marketers?

Johnston joins Aviation Gin’s Adrian Molina on our State of Social ’21 brains trust.

Meg Coffey, State of Social creator, said “I’m absolutely stoked to have Johnston joining the lineup at State of Social – her unique nerdy perspective on tech, gaming and where’s it’s all going will provide the perfect wrap up to Day One of SOS21. I can’t wait to have her on stage in Perth to share her wisdom”.

Meg Coffey also wants to assure everyone that will attend the conference that there has been a backup plan to the backup plan curated, so no matter what happens in these uncertain times the conference will go ahead in 2021.

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