Start Digital unveils two new websites leveraging Generative AI images for Outcare and Alzheimer’s Research Australia

Start Digital unveils two new websites leveraging Generative AI images for Outcare and Alzheimer’s Research Australia

Start Digital has recently launched two new websites, using AI imagery to fast-track content creation. Through collaborative efforts with Outcare, a company of the PeopleKind Group, and Alzheimer’s Research Australia, Start developed a process that integrated artificial intelligence platforms to create high quality, realistic images for use across the websites and supporting media.


Outcare, an organisation responsible for empowering thousands of individuals to reclaim their lives with supportive services and programs, required images that wouldn’t compromise the privacy of their clients.

Ryan Hadjimihalakis, Outcare’s Relationships and Marketing Manager, said: “As an organisation in the justice sector, it is incredibly difficult for us to find clients who are willing to have their stories told. This limits how we celebrate our successes which hampers the reputation of our organisation”

“AI imagery through Start Digital has enabled us to have an updated website which reflects the professional work of the organisation and allows us to celebrate our future successes. It will enable us to celebrate our achievements in a way that we haven’t before.”

When approached by the team at Alzheimer’s Research Australia to assist them on their restructuring journey, Start was thrilled to work with the latest branding pieces by Rhythm to design and develop their new fundraising and research focused website.

Taylor Mahoney, the Accounts & Communications Coordinator at Alzheimer’s Research Australia, said: “AI image generation revolutionised our approach to content creation by providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to showcase our brand essence. In a fast-paced research environment where traditional photography can be expensive and logistically challenging, AI images allowed us to effortlessly tailor our visuals, primarily with our lab-based, science-visuals, enabling us to effectively communicate our brand narrative with precision and ease.”

Start’s Director, Neil Mason, said: “The timeline for both projects was quite tight, and there wasn’t an appetite to use stock imagery. It felt like the perfect opportunity to test out the capabilities of generative AI. The technology is moving at such an incredible pace and there is no doubt that it’s an exciting but slightly scary time to be a creative!”.