Start Digital re-starts with new clients, a new visual identity and an AI focus

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Start Digital re-starts with new clients, a new visual identity and an AI focus

Start Digital recently launched their new website and brand to align with a string of new client wins including Revo Fitness, Matso’s, Good Drinks, Averna Homes, Prendiville Group, Perth Festival, Nexus Airlines and The Maali.


Start’s Director, Neil Mason, says: “We’ve had a huge 12 months and feel like now is the right time to take some risks and embrace what makes us unique. The site and visual identity brings together everything we do and embodies our ‘Never Stop Starting’ philosophy. Some will call it hodgepodge. They’re probably right.”

Along with Start’s new client list, they also recently launched their new AI services offering.

Studio Manager, Crissy Foster, said: “It’s early days but we’ve found that generative AI complements our creative approach to projects. We’ve made images and chatbots for clients such as Outcare, Matso’s and the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation that help tell their story in more engaging ways and push them into exciting new digital territory.”

Mason said: “The old rules don’t really apply anymore, so our goal is to reinvent what a digital agency is and where we can take that. The dream is always to partner with great people on cool projects but we also want to walk the walk and do what we encourage our clients to do – stand out, shout out and be different.”

Supporting the new AI focus, Start were recognised for their AI parody images of the King’s Coronation After-Party using Generative AI. Drumming up more than six million views on TikTok, 500 000 shares on Facebook and featured globally by the media.

“It’s such an exciting time to be in digital,” says Mason. “We’re just coming to terms with what’s possible. Our approach to AI is to ignore the instruction manuals and play with the tools in imaginative ways. That’s where the good stuff lives.”