Sparks fly in new partnership between Moonsail and Perth Symphony Orchestra


Following the recent appointment of Moonsail as Perth Symphony Orchestra’s (PSO) creative agency, the partnership has already seen a burst of eye-catching work to promote their upcoming concert “Handel by Candle”.


“From the moment we met the PSO team we were excited. We clearly shared the same vision for creating globally-minded, fearless creative work in our respective fields” says Moonsail Creative Partner Matt Nankivell. “We were instantly energised by helping this world-class, highly creative team at PSO redefine orchestral music.”

The latest campaign ‘Ignite’ for the upcoming candle-lit event sees a violin being modified to ignite sparks when the bow strikes the strings.

“We had this crazy thought – what if we could modify a real violin to essentially act as a giant sparking flint when played? But for it to be worth doing, it had to be done for real – no CGI or trickery,” says Nankivell.

Paul Donnelly, Creative Lead at Moonsail, added: “We started by trialling various flint powders and combining elements of sparklers, until we had the realisation we could electrify the strings of the violin, and create a closed circuit by intertwining the bow with steel wool which would ignite on impact.”

‘Ignite’ is the second creative instalment in the lead up to the concert, with an initial poster and social campaign ‘Note wick’ launching in the weeks prior.

Sparks fly in new partnership between Moonsail and Perth Symphony Orchestra

The campaign is the first of many upcoming event promotions and brand projects in store between Moonsail and Perth Symphony Orchestra.

Perth Symphony Orchestra CEO, Catherine Henwood, said: “Perth Symphony is excited to partner with the exceptional creative team at Moonsail. As a proudly Western Australian company charting a new pathway for the future of orchestral music, we live and breathe our values of Fun, Fresh and Fearless.

“We seek to create ground-breaking musical experiences that connect and inspire, aligning with Moonsail in our desire to push boundaries for orchestral music around the globe. We thank the team for their ingenious content which quite literally, ignited sparks!”

Nankivell added: “In what is still a very fresh partnership, it has already been a load of fun creating work that is generating some great results for PSO. We can’t wait to see where this fruitful partnership leads.”

Tickets for Handel by Candle event are still available, book here.

Agency: Moonsail
Creative Directors: Matt Nankivell & Paul Coghlan
Digital Strategy: Bradley Scott & Luke Binetti
Creative Lead: Paul Donnelly
Copywriter: Paul Coghlan
Designer: Matt Nankivell
Video production: Matt Nankivell
Perth Symphony Orchestra
CEO: Catherine Henwood
Creative Director: Fiona Campbell
Marketing Manager: Callen Dellar

Sparks fly in new partnership between Moonsail and Perth Symphony Orchestra