So Perth partners with Telethon Community Cinemas to promote their 22nd year

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So Perth partners with Telethon Community Cinemas to promote their 22nd year

So Perth has been appointed as a media partner for Telethon Community Cinemas to promote Telethon Community Cinemas’ 22nd anniversary.


The Telethon Community Cinemas turns 22 this year, and what better way to celebrate than to partner with So Perth, an agency that has a great connection and love for the community of Perth?

CEO of So Perth, Adam Barrell, said: “Being able to use the power of So Perth and our connection with the community to support great causes like Telethon Community Cinemas is a high priority for us.”

So Media Group will aid Telethon Community Cinemas in email marketing and user-generated content across Instagram, while So Perth will help promote the community cinemas through their highly engaged local audience.

“The So Media Group team is looking forward to using our unique combination of marketing skills and leveraging our So Perth following to support such a loved institution.

“We are excited to tap into our audience to help make sure Telethon Community Cinemas are top of mind for things to do in Perth. In addition, ensuring we leverage email communications to their potential and increase organic awareness on Instagram with a UGC-lead strategy.” Said Carma Levene, So Media Group Head of Social.

The Telethon Community cinemas are proudly donating to the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre, Rebound WA, HorsePower Hills, Edmund Rice Camps, and 12 Buckets.

CEO and Co-Founder of Telethon Community Cinemas, Ken Gibbons, says: “TCC recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and over that time has raised over $11 million for programs that assist children who face the challenges of health or physical ability issues.”

“So Media Group’s commitment to supporting these programs through their sponsorship is a magnificent example of corporate philanthropy.”

The outdoor cinemas launch on November 23rd in Bassendean, Burswood, Joondalup and Murdoch, allowing all people across Perth to have the chance to watch a movie while giving back to the community.

Everyone working at the cinemas will be volunteering, hiring out bean bag lounges, cooking snags, making coffee, working in the bar, candy bar, and box office.

Attendees are more than welcome to bring their own food and drinks to the venue, so get your picnic rugs ready and purchase a movie ticket that can change a life.