SCA launches ‘SCA Audio Academy’ – a eight-week online audio bootcamp

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SCA launches ‘SCA Audio Academy’ – a eight-week online audio bootcamp

SCA has launched the SCA Audio Academy, a new online bootcamp open to everyone to learn more about audio from Australia’s biggest creator of audio content.


The eight-week course is designed to provide an immersive and comprehensive learning experience across a variety of content and audio production areas including announcing, production, show content creation and building content experiences for both digital audio and radio formats.

The SCA Audio Academy, which officially starts later this year, is open to anyone outside SCA looking to build their audio production skills.

It will be led by SCA Head of Regional Content, Blair Woodcock, assisted by SCA staff in different modules.

Woodcock said: “The SCA Audio Academy is a chance for people of all experience levels to open the door of one of Australia’s largest media companies and get some face time with content creators from across the business.”

“There is a huge amount of talented people out there who are looking to get a foot in the door. Our past face to face bootcamps have found Breakfast shows, Drive shows and Workday announcers, plus journalists, brand experience directors and more. If you’ve got an interest in radio or on demand audio – this is a great way to upskill.”

Applications for the SCA Audio Academy are open for an intake of 20 students who can apply here.