Sandbox creates VFX for new Australian feature film ‘Rams’ starring Sam Neill & Michael Caton

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Sandbox has created the visual effects for new Australian feature film Rams.


Shot entirely in WA, Rams stars Sam Neill and Michael Caton in a down-to-earth story about two estranged sheep farmers.

The film was produced by WBMC (Wasted on the Young, Son of a Gun, OtherLife) with all VFX created by Sandbox.

Producers Janelle Landers and Aidan O’Bryan said “Working with Sandbox was a natural fit for a film set in WA, but the quality of their work and the service they provided means we will continue to consider them for all of our post needs, irrespective of where we shoot.”

“Their VFX team, especially, went above and beyond, navigating changes throughout principal photography and post with professionalism and incredible levels of organisation, as well as documentation and processes that made everyone’s lives easier during a stressful time. We can’t wait to work with them again.”

Rams is showing in cinemas now. Watch the official trailer HERE.